Love at Hogwarts Pt6

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It's the final days of week three and you go on a thrilling adventure of action and love. Enjoy your final days of year three and be excited for year 4!

Yay! Year 3 is over but that dosen't mean my quizzes are. I'm doing them all the way to year 8! Who do you decide is going to be your price charming?!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. You were the last one to wake up and the twins were standing over you. "What do you want?" "It's time for your first job!"
  4. Your first task was to sell love potions. Which worked successfully. "Love potions? seriously? my brothers are that desperate to sell?" "Apparently. Please help me not get drugged!" and with that you both cracked up. Until Cedric came and put his arm around you then Ron turned red and stormed off. "Whatsup with him?" "dunno" "Anyway gotta go to class. Bye" he kissed you on the cheek and left. You caught up with Hermoine who was crying.
  5. She explained that buckbeak was going to be executed due to Draco.
  6. You stormed up to Draco. "WHAT THE HELLL DID YOU TELL YOUR FATHER ABOUT BUCKBEAK!" "That he was dangerous and deserved to die.""What is wrong with you. and to think I would actually care about a monster like you!" "Birdie!wait!" But with that you tranferred to go say your goodbyes.
  7. You went to Hagrids shack and hugged buckbeak and nesteled into you. "Birdie?" It was Hagrid. "I am so sorry!" "Come inside."He mumbeled and you obeyed. Not long after Harry Hermoine and Ron came. They were talking non-stop. Until something threw a rock at Harry's head. "Ow!"
  8. "Look it's the ministry of magic we have to go!" Hermoine whispered. You all went around the back until you stopped. "I thought I saw....nevermind." You walked over to the stones. Draco was there. "Enjoying the show Potter."Hermoine punched Draco in the jaw.
  9. Harry led you all to the whomping willow to talk. About ten minutes after a black dog came out of nowhere and took ron.
  10. Hermoine and Harry tried to get past the whomping willow but failed miserably. You saw a pattern and tranformed. You dived into the hole with the other following. You flw at sonic speed through a tunnel to get to Ron.
  11. You were in the shreiking shack with Ron on a bed. Harry and Hermoine were panting behind. "Ron!" "It's a trap. he's behind the door!" You turned and there was a skinny man. There you stood infront of them and growled. "Ferocious aren't you?""Take one more step and I'll scratch you eyes out."He turned into a dog and you turned into a bird of prey. Harry stepped infront and talked to Sirius. "They trusted you! You gave them up!" Harry cried. "Expelliamus!" Sirius was on the floor.
  12. "Professor Lupin!" Hermoine cried. But instead of saving you he chose his friend. "What are you doing?" "Lupin! Is this the girlie you were talkin about the one that knows our secret!" "Birdie!" "I caught him but he was defensless I couldn't report he was like me!" Just at the worse possible time Proffessor Snape came in. It was a battle to be remembered. Harry knocked him out and screamed at Sirius, but he ignored. "I don't want you I want Peter!" "Peter pettigrew? he's dead!" "Harry,Harry,Harry. Maybe your bird friend could explain." He turned to you but not with that same kindness. "Your father, Sirius, and Peter Pttigrew were Animagus to protect Lun.""from what?" "He's a werewolf."Hermoine cried. "that's why Proffessor Snape talked about them to make sure we knew.""What does that have to do with Peter." "Peter..his animagus was a rat."You turned to Ron. "Give me that rat!" Sirius cried. "But he is scabbers! He's been in the family for 12 years!" "Peter died 12 years ago"Lupin grumbeled. "Ron give him that god damn rat!" 'scabbers' bit him and ran then he transformed to the ugliest person you have ever seen. "Moony! Padfoot!" He tried to escape but the two men grabbed him.
  13. You all went outside and Sirius explained himself to Harry. You went up to him "Sorry, for threatening you.." Sirius never replied because the full moon came out and Lupin started to change. Sirius tried to calm him down to try and control it but failed.
  14. Peter changed into a rat and escape. "Proffessor.....are you alright?" You asked he whimpered and tried to bite you but something pushed you out of the way. It was Draco.
  15. Harry was following injured Sirius as Lupin followed Hermoine who was trying to help Harry. "Draco?" You turned around. He was holding his broken arm. You helped him up and hugged him. "What did I tell you about using your brains?" He chuckled.
  16. Dumbeldore came out and took you, Draco and Ron to the Hospital wing. Draco passed out and you were lying in bed still in shock. Ron didn't talk to you. "Ron?" "What do you want traitor?""It's not my fault. He said he would help me! Ok I thought I was a freak! He told me I wasn't!" He went silent. "Please forgive me'' He nodded and at that time Harry came in unconsious.
  17. "Harry!" You cried and jumped out of bed. "I'm a terrible friend! I couldn't help him!" Hermoine was sobbing. "You tried everything moine. If you couldn't help no one could have."but she kept on sobbing.
  18. All of a sudden Harry jumped up screaming Sirius' name. Dumbeldore came in and told the news of Sirius' execution. "If only we could go back in time to save him."He said eyeing Hermoine. "What was he on about?"Ron asked over Harry screaming at crying Hermoine. The she stopped and explained a time Hopper Mcgonagall gave her to catch up with studies. "I'll go"you said. "I already am a terrible friend I should go.""Hermoine look after Ron your in no state to go."Hermoine agreed and explained how it works. You went back and felt sick. "I'll never get use to that."You said hoping Harry would give a small chuckle but he didn't.
  19. You were outside Hagrids hut. "That's us"he said. "The ministry are coming." You whispered. Harry picked up a rock and threw it. It hit the back of his head. They got the warning and left. After they went you grabbed the rats and got buckbeak out of there.
  20. It was soon time for Lupin's transformation and you saw Draco pull you down but then snapped out of it and went to follow the other Harry. The original Harry was howling and Lupin was following him. "What are your plans for him finding us?" Harry went pale. "Run!" You ran into the forest.
  21. He started chasing you but thanks to buckbeak he backed off. Harry started to run to the lake and said that his dad was right here but he never came. "Harry Hurry up or your going to die!" He shook his head and shouted. "Expectopetronum!" and the dementors dissolved. "What do we do now? We can't go back." "We take the others place at the Hospital wing but first I need to do something. Harry wen tover to Sirius who was still unconscious and put him on buckbeak as buckbeak flew into the sunrise.
  22. It has been two days since that incident and Harry and you were fine. Cedric asked you to stay with him over the holidays to see the quidditch match and you agreed. It was the day to leave and you said goodbye to Ginny and Hermoine, to Harry and Ron. You saw Draco at the lake by himself you snuck up on him and hugged him he was suprised. "Thanks for saving me!" He chuckled. "You should go your going to miss the train you nodded and kissed him on the cheek before leaving. As year three was finally over
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