love and bloood part 3

you are probably so excited right. yes, I know you are. are you ready? are you pumped and ready for action!!!!!!????? I had so much fun making this one!!! It was so awesome.

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Created by: bla city

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  1. You walk down the stairs and is pitch dark. but some how you can see pretty good. you keep hearing the nosies so you keep going. you reach the kitchen and the rattling of something becomes clearer. You see a figure shaped person and then....."race why are you drinking fom the milk carton?" you ask. he laughs. I get that taste for milk at night. and what are you doing up anyway?" you sigh because you thought this would be a cool advencher. but, sadly it didn't."So are you going to answer my question or what?" you nod. he really seems cranky right now since it's midnight. "k, so I heard a something so I came to investicate. and then I find you drinking out of a milf carton."
  2. you start to walk up the stairs when race grabs your rist. "Wait." he says."Those things you heard, I heard some moving too back in the hall." He still had your hand as he runs with you down the hall to the same hall where you first saw the garden. he opened the door slowly ajar, the slamed it shut and ran as fast as he could to the kitchen. you are both out of breath when you ask what he saw. "It's...a...vampire" he says between breaths."I'v got to tell the others."he says and runs up the stairs. I seconds, all of them were in their pj's with guns in there hands. You get behind them as the inch toward the door. one of them unlocks the door and walks inside. You look over one of them and it's damen. the guys are pointing there guns staright at damen.his eyes looked all worried until he saw your head."Gentalmen, you all have the wrong idea. see, I didn't come to hurt you. I came to see my sister." he looks at you.
  3. They all turn toward you."THis can't be happing." says lauran."It just can't. please don't tell me we fell in love with a vampire?" he says."Well, you did." Says damen. "What's wrong with vampires?" you say. You really want to know and you have been waiting for this day to finally come."We, starts lauran,"are vampire." finishes kanan."So?" you say. what could that possibly mean? "We tryed to tell you but, there wasn't the right time. we wanted to be sure first."said dainen. you jaw dropped. so many secrets in so little time. you wonder what else ther're hidding fom you.
  4. you are now sleeping in your room now trying to take this all in. then you hear your door open and it's lauran."listen, we want you still if you didn't know that." he had his face down staring at the floor. you tell him to sit down. Then, you find your self giving him a pity kiss. after he smiles and jumps right back up. "I'll take that as a yes." he said. and ran off to probably tell evryone what just happened.lucky him right?
  5. you fall a sleep and have the crazyest dream. YOu running through a dark forest and there's these creepy vouices wispering to you all at once. and behind you is damen running for his life. he gets in front of you and zips passed you. your alone now running for your life. you look back and you fall. there's red eyes staring at you through the darkness.
  6. well that's it! who do you like?
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  9. number 4 will be here soon. till' then, I love my fans!!!!!!!!
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