love and bloood 15

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I am almost finished with a the series a bit. Not so much but we are getting there. I reall ydon't like writing this part. It sucks. I hope you like it.

It was early in the morning when I wrote this so I am still half asleep here. None go to extrems about my weridness in the morning. It's just how it is.

Created by: bla city

  1. "Where?!" you yell at him. "Well first of all, he changed his name to skylar. second, he was caputured by those wolfs the guys saw today." then you rembered. The guy! "But, how are they supposed to get back? they have race now." "I'll send someone. In the mean time, tell cassel to stop flirting with you every hour. It's getting on my nerves." you both laugh and he disapears.
  2. It was good cassel didn't hear any of it. but, You think he'd probably laugh too. If it wasn't about him. oh well. you run up the stairs back up to see what happened in your room with the book about the gold and silver wolfs.
  3. You take the book down from a self and flipped through it. there were the silver and gold wolfs in a picture. And there was something written in very small hand writing, it said, darkness may fall upon the world but they wolfs will stay strong. And when you say that your never wrong.
  4. you read it over a cople times and start to realize what it ment. It made you think of stoping the mask, but you weren't sure it would work. then you hear you cell phone ring in your old purse.
  5. I was erik. you flipped it open and said. "What the hell do you want? and how did you get a signal anyway?" he laughed. "Baby iv'e been looken for ya for weeks now trying get a hold of you. Are you ok?" "Ya i'm ok, but I don't want to talk to you. I have new boyfriends to be with now." "where are you?" "I don't know. It's all woods." "Well I'm com'en to get ya." "NO!" then you hang up your cell phone and smash it with your foot. he could be tracking you right this very momment and that jerk would ruin everything.
  6. and then, you run away from the remains of your cell phone, and change into black. But it was a sexy black. The ones hot sexy assasians wear.
  7. cassel wisled and then could stop staring at you.
  8. "you like?" you ask. "Like? I love" "good." you walk over to him and model a also had dainens flame thrower if anything got too out of hand. You know cassel, he would do anything to you. then he smacked your ass. "Ow! what the hell?"
  9. bye
  10. bye

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