love and bloood 12: race is gone

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k, so you are in the house. race is still gone by the way. and he hasn't come back. what a sham. but, I added a new charecter. his names cassel.he had a hard life.

you will soon hear about his childhood and everything and what a kink is. I won't tell you here. nope. so cassel, is an orfan. he is a kink. and there's more of them too. you will see.

Created by: bla city

  1. you are in the kitchen and it's midnight. Race hasn't come back yet and you can't sleep with out him here. It worrys you on where he could be. You sit and drink coffee to try to keep your self awake. The coffee's is helping a little. you watch some tv and there's nothing but, NCIS and you get so bord.
  2. you almost fall asleep when you hear the door open. You run to the door. "Race?" but, it wasn't him. It was some dude. he had black hair and he reminded you a little bit of race and his twin danny.
  3. "hi" he says. he slids passed you and you ask." Who the hell are you?" he snickers "Well someones probably PMSing right now. so I will go over here." "Don't you talk like that to me!" you snap. "Oh really?" he says. he clearly is having fun with this. "
  4. "Who are you?" you yell. "I'm cassel, and you must be______." "how do you know my name?" you ask. you are now cooling off and he still isn't suppossed to be here. And does he even know them anyway? "Listen, I have no idea why your here or who you are, but I just want you to leave." he stares you down. "Oh, I can't do that honey."
  5. the next thing you remember is that you are in your bed slowly opening your eyes. "She's awake!" yells dainen. "Finally!" yells kanan. they high five each other. "What happened you ask holding your head. "Mournen baby." The door opens and there's cassel with soup.
  6. "what, is he still doing here? I thought he left?" you look at them and then walk to a chair and grab a bath robe and walk out to the balconey. you thought it would be snowing, but it was like a nice spring day. The sun was the color of honey, the sky a robien's egg blue with big white puffy clouds. It was the best summer day you ever saw.
  7. someone comes and grabs your hips. There hands were really cold. cassel."listen, I will have to stay here for a while to babysit you while the others look for race." you thought of kneeing him in the nutts or elbowing him hard in the face, but when he said race all thoughts drianed out of your head.race.And then you remembered the time on the pond, and every other time you both spent together. all the memories. then you hear dainen say, "ohhhh it's getten hot out here." you all laugh and cassel wispered into your ear,"They will be gone soon."
  8. you don't know why he just said that to you, but you shrugand walk away to say say good be to the guys and stuff, for now.
  9. now you are left alone with cassel. he is a big jerk, and seems to probably thinks your sexy. But, that's just what you think. he glides across the floor to you and kisses your cheeek.
  10. then, you stamp his foot, but he doesn't make a sound. then you smack him in the face. nothing. "Are you trying to find enjoymet out of this?" he asks. you srug then do what ever you were doing before. "I know what you have been through." he says "and I know how to make it all go away." he says. "how?" "kiss me, I am the kink." he says. you tilt your head in cunfusen. "Just kiss me and i'll explain later." you lean in, and he does too and..........

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