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I am getting into it again as you can see. It's the best quiz story thing ever right? You don't get a power or have to do training. It's much more then that.

so, I am up to 14 so far. and we all now we are not even close to being done yet! I am so happy this will take me a while. I am so happy. I love this quiz.

Created by: bla city

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  1. "Race where the hell-" I don't think this is a good time for questions gental men, we have wolfs on our tails." "Wolfs?" kanan looks behind them. "He has a friend!" they fly over rivers and then, there was another wolf at the top of a rock. It was silver this time with gold eyes."AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH" they screamed.
  2. mean while...................... cassel was making something and you were just sitting there watching him make something. then, you slipped away to fix your hair. you are sitting in front of a mirror when,"___________! we need you to do something!" you fall over and say "Race! what the f---?" "sorry, I need you to go to the libray and find something on these gold and silver wolfs." you hear gunshots in the backround and you go find the book. you open it and there is a page that says gold and silver wolfs. "I found it! Are there moon shaped carvings on the trees?" he looks around and nods. "Then get the hell out of there!" cassel comes running up the stairs asking what happended. you explain to him.
  3. mean while................. they run like hell out of that place with the wolfs. then, they jump out and keep running. "Did we loose them?" "I think so" "WOw, what a rush! that was awesome!" dainen yelled. then he wondered off. and caame back saying, "WERE LOST!" "no, we are in L.A." "you just noticed that?"
  4. mean while................(back at the house) "I'm worried about them." you say. cassel is holding you and your on the couch. "Listen, I know them, they can go though any thing. Dainen would even eat a bug if he had to."
  5. "How do you know them?" you ask. he cleared his throat and said, "Isaved races life a long tme ago before he went all wolf, you know? and it was so long ago when that happend. he probably doesn't even remember anyway."
  6. then cassel got up and left and then damon was across the room and just popped up. "I know who has damen!" the one your talking about is your brother).
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