love and bloood 10


hope you like it

Created by: bla city

  1. you like your going to pass out when you hear something hit the floor hard. You couldn't mive you legs and try to move across the room with your arms and your finger nails digged into the floor. You made it ti the stairs and and then you couldn't move any more. you look up and see damon (the one that's not your brother) is standing at the top of the stairs smileing as your throat burns like hell.
  2. He walks down the stairs laughing. " How does it feel princess? To have everything you ever wanted in life and now, you are cursed. But uou were way before I found you. Cursed be your own family's past. And now look at you. Your fading away from mme. And they shoukd know That I loved you first" He was crying a little. With a tear coming down his face.
  3. s cluching his heart and holding the railing so he wouldn't fall/ He was hurt badly. Then, before he disapeared, you just had to ask one thing."Where is damen?" you ask."( he is your brother) "He is gone. I don't have him. He is worthless to me. And I only want you to be mine agai, not hurt more." you couldn't say anything since the pain grew worse. You mouned. Damen took out a blood bag out with a green straw and handed it to you. You grabed the thing and sucked it down, and as you drank the burning feeling started to vanish."I thimk I who has him." he says. You look at his face and he looks at something oon the floor. "who?" you ask. He looks back at your face. His eyes were still a glossy looking wet, but he didn't seem to notice.
  4. "So, the mask, has damen and the mask is a very old vampire nad probablt the first?" "yes" "and you don't know yet what he wants with me or with my brother?" "yes" "huh" you sit there with him on the stairs in silence. then, dainen comes into the room with a flame thrower and yells, "THIS IS FOR YOU BABY!" Then he shot the at damon, but he missed, and he kept runnign after him trying to score. you couldn't help but watch. Race runs down the stairs with a gun in hand and pulls you awy from the fight.
  5. Race hid you in a corner, while he went out. You heard a gun shot but no one faling to the ground. Only dainen screaming at the top of his lungs. You look out and race was still if fireing postion with dainen squeezing his arm. Blood dripped off his arm to the ground. Race then pointed at damon and you screamed. "NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" and ran toward race.
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