Louis 'the tommo' Tomlinson

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How much do you know about the oldest, yet most random and silliest, member of One Direction? Do you know all the jokes, do you understand what I mean by carrots and lamborghini?

Find out how well you know the Tommo! Sure everyone knows his the funniest one, but do they know all the jokes, and knocks behing the man that is Louis William Tomlinson? DO YOU?

Created by: April Still

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  1. When is Louis' birthday?
  2. What type of bird is Kevin? PLEASE DONT GET THIS WRONG!
  3. Which of the following has Louis pretended/claimed to be? A. Liam B.A song C.A mouse D.Jennifer E. Superman
  4. WHat is Louis' mum name
  5. All "...get the ball..." L? "THE BALL!" L? "HANDS UP!"
  6. Liam: "How did you get here?" Louis: "??" Liam: "Magic Carpet, gotta be." Louis: "??"
  7. Louis has a fear of:
  8. In a video diary Zayn welcomes everyone, and all the boys cheer. Louis, being Louis, continues to cheer until what stops him?
  9. Which Marvel superhero does Louis impersonate in the first set of video diaries?
  10. In the 'Year in the making' doco, Liam's discovers his birthmark has been air brushed away. He says the guy in the poster a impersonater, Louis responds with?
  11. What song did Louis sing in his 2008 audition?

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