louis tomlinson

yea so louis tomlinson is hot and oneday we will be married and have beautiful children cos louis could marry an ape and still have beautiful children

And they will have amazayn nightvision because of how may carrots we feed they tee hee hee, they will also have their own pigeon each, a descendent of kevin

Created by: Cassaqazqaz
  1. How big are Louis feet?
  2. If he were a girl, who would Louis take for the day
  3. What was louis singing on the floor when Niall walked in on him sleepwalking?
  4. does louis call his mum alot?
  5. Would Louis date a fan?
  6. "I like girls who eat crrots" "...I've since received a lot of carrots. But I also like women who like________
  7. Louis told his sister not to be in love with Harry because...
  8. How many sisters does Louis have?
  9. One Direction often wear bowties, does Louis think they're HOT or NOT
  10. Which line is sung by Louis
  11. Does Louis like girls who blush
  12. Does Louis like goody goody girls
  13. Does Louis like baked beans
  14. Does Louis like macaroni and cheese
  15. Ahh but can he cook?
  16. Can he play hard to get
  17. does he like strong accents on girls
  18. Does kevin hate Zayn?
  19. Who is kevin

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