London Cats love Story P2

Please read part 1. That's all I ask. If you don't I you wont under stand any of this. Just look up the title for this quiz and it should pop up. Just do it. Now please lol

If youre done reading continue into this stupid story. Bad names, horrible story, what more is there to ask for? Idk maybe something good... cry... cry... cry…

Created by: Goldenlily

  1. "Um..." You stare at the brown she-cat "I just saw you around yesterday that's it.." She looked at you "mhm sure.. Get out of our camp before we shred you.." You looked at Jude, he was terrified. "GRACE WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?"
  2. "These toms are intruding." Grace looks at the other cat. "Its the calico.." You whisper. "WHAT?!?!?" Grace screams at you "YOU SAW HER TOO?!?" "Chill out Grace don't ruin their pretty faces." the calico looked at Jude with gleaming eyes. "Well we'll be going now.." Jude said with a shaky voice.
  3. "I'm Susie the sweetest.. CUTEST warrior in this clan!" The calico squealed. "Mhm.." You mumble. "This is Grace! She is the medicine cat!"Susie looked over at Grace. "That's it. I'm getting Luka." Grace turned and started to walk away. "No! Wait." You ran in front of her. "Excuse me?" Grace looked into your eyes. You could tell she was trying not to kill you, she was probably gonna let her leader do that. "Yeah wait!" Susie said "This is the cute tom from last night!" She swirled around Jude, he looked very uncomfortable.
  4. "Fine.." Grace looked over at Susie "But this is only for you.." You looked at Grace and she looked really mad about her choice. "Hey Jude.." You said to Jude. "JUDE! HIS NAME IS JUDE!" Susie screamed to Grace. "this is weird.." you say. "Trust me I know" Jude replied.
  5. "WEIRD?!? YOU ARENT TERRIFIED OF ME?!?!?" Grace screamed. "Oh my Starclan nobody is afraid of you!" You scream back. "Oh.. that's actually good.." Se looked at you. "How?" said Susie. "No reason." Grace said fast still looking at you. "I'm scared of her.." Jude said under his breath.
  6. You guys talked for a bit, more like Susie and Jude talked for hours with Grace muttering in the corner and you dying inside, when you wondered something. "Hey Susie.." You said to her. "What makes you think you are the sweetest, CUTEST cat in the clan?" you askes. "Is that challenge?" She laughs at you "I'm the cutest and I always will be."
  7. "Can you guys just leave?" Grace yelled across the camp. "We should.." Jude said. "Bye guys! I mean girls.." "BY JUDE!!" Susie screamed. "And you! What was your name?" She asked. "Colin..." You said.
  8. Ok Im tired Ima stop
  9. I will try to make a p3
  10. Please like and share bye!

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