London Cats Love Story Part 1

This quiz is about cats in London, England! You are a tan, fluffy tabby name Colin! You are on a quest to find love in the huge city and run into some interesting cats.

Will you fall for a tom or she-cat? I have no idea! But take this quiz to find out! Please do not be offended if you think someone being gay in a quiz in inappropriate. If you feel that way just don't take the quiz. I hope you enjoy!

Created by: GoldenLily
  1. You are a tom named Colin! You are fluffy, kind, and very over protective.
  2. You wake up one day in your two-leg's bakery. You look outside and see a tom sitting in a cart. You walk out of the shop and head over to him. He looks at you as you cross the street. A monster starts heading straight towards you!
  3. The tom stares in horror as the monster goes over you! You're fine! You walked out of the street and hopped on the cart. "Hello!" you say. "Hi! whats your name?" the tom asks with gleaming eyes. "Im Colin!" you say. "Nice to meet you Colin! Im Jude!" tom says.
  4. You and Jude share stories. The sun starts to set and you don't realize. "Oh I didn't know the sun went down" Jude said starring at the stars. "Wow the moon is huge!" You yell. "Keep it down!" Jude snapped "We don't want any of those clan cats knowing we are here!" "WAIT ARE WE IN CLAN TERRITORY!" you scream. "SHUT UP!" Jude snapped back at you.
  5. "Can we meet back here tomorrow?" You ask. "Sure, when?" Jude looked into your eyes. "Sun high?" you ask him. "That sound good! Now I have to get back to my people or they'll be worried." Jude aid. "Oh! People! Yeah, I have to go too!" You say with wide eyes. You get up and start walking away when you hear what sounds like two she-cats talking.
  6. You stop and look over. You see two she cats, a light brown one with lighter spots and a fluffy calico. "Ow! Watch it!" The brown one snapped at the calico. "Sorry! I just want to see him! HIs voice sounds so handsome!" she stretched her neck over a fence, she was obviously looking at Jude. "Wow! Hes so cute!" The calico blushed. You grunt. "Let me see!" the brown she-cat tried to look over the fence. "Eh. I don't see it." she said.
  7. The she cats start to walk away. You turn and hide around a corner. "I just don't think hes cute!" One of the said. *Probably the brown one* you think. "OH whatever you mouse-brain hes so cute!" The other one said. "Heh.. lets just get back to camp." *CLAN CATS?!?* Your head starts spinning. What if they found me? What if they killed you? At that thought you run away as fast as you can. The brown she-cat turns. "What was that?" She said. *They heard me!* you run faster. "Huh?" the Calico said. "I think it was nothing. lets get going." They walk off. Youre safe.
  8. You wake up and its still dark out. You decide to walk around. You see Jude sitting in the cart. "I didn't think you would be here right now." Jude looked down at him "Oh, fancy seeing you here!" He laughed. "Ha! Want to go EXPLORING!?!" You start to bounce around. "Well youre excited!" Jude smiled "Sure!" You start chasing each other around. Jude jumps over a bush and you step in it and jump out."OW!"you hear a voice from in the bush. You and Jude jump to the middle of a strange, sandy pit. A cat stumbles out of the bush. "WHO ARE YOU? AND WHY ARE YOU HERE?!?" *One of the she-cats from yesterday!* You realize that this was the home of those she-cats. "Your that brown she-cat from yesterday!" you stare at her. "What? Yesterday?" she looked confused.
  9. Im really tried and Ill make a part 2 later.
  10. Bye have a nice day!

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