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  • I don't like Amy. She's mean. But one thing I did love was the quiz! It was fantastic. I think Mist and Zac are my fav characters. But I can see through Amy's point of view. But still... Anyways, can't wait till the next quiz. I'll be looking.

  • y the heck is isabella the main person it should b amy

    stupid zac i taugh he liked her
    amy just wanted 2 get zac

    everyone likes isabella cause she's so POWERFUL WOW BIG DEAL

    everyone hates amy wtf y is that only because she kissed blue and zac

    isabella looks like she likes zac
    noooo, he's mine grrrrr

  • I like Mist, she seems like a good friend. I really don't like Amy, I mean what kind of person would do that to people just for the heck of it?!

  • ok FIRST OF ALL, im thinkin AMY U BACKSTABBING TRAITORISH PERSON D: lol. Then im thinkin ugh. AND FINALLY i think: whata good dramaticish story :3 (and ironic XD) keep writin. u will be a famous author 1 day. (random guess XD)

  • Wh did you stop writing this?! It was getting really good and dramatic!! :P

  • I like amy. Why she's not the main character.

  • i used to like Amy,but she's evil now. i like Mist and Raven, cause they arent girly


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