Lino Printing (Art)

A very important element in drawings and paintings is value or tone. In this context, value means light and dark. Sometimes referred to by the Italian word "chiaroscuro".

(literally light and dark) value is often described visually by a scale with varying shades of gray arranged between black and white. But remember that colors also have values.

Created by: Riptide
  1. What is another word for lino printing?
  2. True or false. You must write backwards in lino printing.
  3. Is there any contrast or tone in relief printing?
  4. What is a brayer?
  5. (No effect) Do you do lino printing?
  6. Primary clay or secondary clay?
  7. oh yeah for question 6, pick primary. x) You'll get an extra point, I swear!
  8. Lino Printing is usually seen in...
  9. Solid shapes, lines and solid blocks?
  10. End of test. Bye.

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