Life, War, and Love

I decided to make a new story quiz series, or whatever they're called. I hope you like them! I only spent two days on them. Normaly I spend four but I've had not very much homework. But, I hope you like the quiz!

Your name is Jordyn. You live in Florida. You have dirty blonde hair, greenish/blueish eyes, and you go to(i don't think that this is a real school) Westbrook Junior High. You have a sister named Bayley, and a set of twin brothers, named Jared, and Blake. Bayley is in highschool and Jared and Blake are in second grade.

Created by: Monkeybutt02
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  1. "Ms. Lloyd!" Your teacher yells at you, you were spacing out. Hope and Emma laugh. "What is the answer to question four?" Mr. Barker asks you. "Ummm...." You say. Hope and Emma are busting up laughing now. "Two hundred forty eight?" You say, unsure. Emma laughs. "Wrong!" Hope yells. "Ms. Gilpin. You need to not talk out in class. Especially when you, yourself is wrong." Mr. Barker tells Emma. "Oohhh!" Taylor whispers and smiles at you. "You are correct, Ms. Lloyd." Mr. Barker tells you.
  2. The bell rings and you grab your books and papers. You start to walk out of the class room. "Jordyn! Wait up!" You hear Taylor yell. You turn around and see him. "Yeah?" You ask him. "I was gonna ask you if you would like to go to the Spring dance." Taylor slips the question in. You look at him and raise your eyebrows. You don't say anything until you get to your locker, and you remember that Taylor is walking with you. "I'll tell you later." You tell him. You open your locker and a peice of paper falls out. "What's that?" He asks you. He picks up the paper and starts to unfold it, but you take it out of his hands. "That's mine." You tell him. You start to read it. "What does it say?" Taylor asks.
  3. You finish reading the note. It says: Jordyn, meet me at the feild durring lunch. Jakob. "None of your buisness. Let's go to lunch." You tell Taylor. You start walking towards the lunch room. "I gotta go to the bathroom." You tell him. "Save me a spot at lunch." You say, smiling. You turn around and walk towards the bathroom, but once Taylor is in the cafeteria you walk towards the feild.
  4. "Hey Jordyn. What's up? I haven't seen you out here since last year-no, since fith grade!" You hear a voice behind you say. You turn around. "Hey, Chandler! I'm just going to meet Jakob." You tell Chandler. "Well, that's a first to hear you say that!" Chandler laughs. "What?" You ask him. " I've never heard you say that you're going to meet a boy." He tells you. "Can I ask you a question?" He asks. "Didn't you just ask me a question?" You ask.He laugh. "I was going to ask you if you wanted to...." He starts studering. "To what, Chandler?" You ask him. "If... you... wanted... to... go... to... the... Spring... Dance... with... me?" He asks you. You say exactly what you did to Taylor: "I'll tell you later."
  5. You walk around the corner of the school, and see Jakob. "Hey. What's up?" You ask him. He looks at you for a minute. "Look, Jordyn, are we friends?" He asks you. You laugh, you have known him since pre-school. "Yeah. Why?" You ask curiously. "Sooo.... I could ask you anything?" Jakob asks. You start to think that he is gonna ask you to the school dance. "Ok, you know Hannah? I think she's in your homeroom." He tells you. Jakob is talking about the popular girl that used to be your friend in fourth grade and below. But Hannah ditched you in fifth grade. She got new friends, dyed her hair pink, got a whole new personality, and decided that she doesn't want to be friends with you. You are now in seventh grade, and she still doesn't talk to you. "Yes, I know Hannah." You tell him. "Why?" You ask. "Do you think that she would go to the dance with me?" He asks you. "You have to go see yourself." You tell him. You point to Hannah, Emma, Hope, and Makayla. The populars. Jakob walks over there and you walk towards the school. You hear girls laughing and you turn around. Hannah is laughing like somebody just told her a joke, her pink curls bobbing.
  6. Jakob walks over to you. You glare at Hannah. "We can go as a group, right?" He asks you. You know then that he crashed, and burned. "Yeah! Look, can you help me make a decision?" You ask Jakob. He nods. "Do you know Taylor Gerrard?" You ask him. He nods. "Do you know Chandler Barrone?" He nods again. "Who do you trust more?" You ask. "I gotta say Taylor." He tells you. "Thanks. I need to go talk to him. Talk to you later." You tell Jakob. "Later." Jakob says. You see Chandler. "Chandler! Sorry! Maybe for the Winter one!" You yell to him(he's in the football feild, as usual). You get your lunch and sit next to Taylor. "Soo? Yay? Nay?" Taylor asks, goofily. "Yay. Look, I have two curcumstances." You tell him. "Jakob and Amber come with us. They don't hang out with us. We just pick them up, and drop them off with Dad driving. Deal?" You ask. "Deal. It's next week, though. You get curumstances, so do I. You wear a dress. No heels." You laugh, you're taller than him. "You wear a nice shirt. And jeans, not shorts. And I get to wear my black and blue sneakers. Bayley will hate me." You tell him. He laughs. Bayley is your older sister. "Deal." He says, shaking your hand.
  7. Once school is over, you call your mom and tell her that you're going to the mall with Amber(your bestfriend). You really go to the park with Taylor. "Now, what am I supposed to tell Luke, now?" Taylor asks you. Luke is his best friend. "I don't know." You tell him. You look up and see Hannah across the street with some guy in your history class. You can tell, she has a crush on Taylor. As soon as she see's him, she's acting like she is in love with this boy. But you've heard Hannah call him a nerd in the hallways. You wave at them. "Hey, Brady, right?" You ask the boy. He blushes. "Yes. I'm in your history class." He tells you. You can tell that Taylor is jealous. "So, what are you two up to?" Hannah asks Taylor. "Nothing, really. Just hanging out." Taylor says. Taylor and the boy go to play basketball with some boys from your school. "Hannah. Why do you hate me so much?" You ask her. "I don't hate you. It's just that... I feel intimidated by you, jealous of you. You are alot smarter than me, prettier, more athletic, and alot of boys like you, Jordyn! And, you are very talented! Remember in second grade? You sang in the talent show, played your guitar. You were great. You are better than me at everything." She tells you.
  8. "Hope and Emma aren't my real friends. They tell people who I like, even if they promise not to. You never did that. You were always really nice to me. I was a jerk. I really missed you at my party last month. Why didn't you come?" She says, in pretty much one breath. "People in our school really like you. Barely anybody talks to me. You're mean to my friends. And you know why I didn't come? My friend, the one you laughed at, and that you called emo? He was in the hospital because his cousin pushed him out of a tree. I went to the hospital to see him." You tell her. "I didn't know that. Everybody kept saying that you hated me. I beleived it." She tells you. Taylor and Brady walk over. Brady looks at you and blushes. Taylor smiles at you. Hannah blushes when she see's Taylor. She hugs Brady. "You ready, Jordyn?" Taylor asks. "Yeah, sure. Bye guys! See you tomarrow." You say, pulling out your phone to see what time it is. "7:00!!! I gotta go home. Taylor, go ahead home. I needed to be home at 6:30. Bye!" You yell, running down the sidewalk.
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