Life in Cocoon (Part 4)

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Hi! Part 4 is here! I hope you enjoy it!

Comment and rate please! I know it's kinda confusing about the la'cie and all that. But its a really good story and my next one will be just about the game!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. "What?!" Vanille and Sazh said in unison. "It vary rare and doesn't go with the legened of la'cie though." The guy said. "Okay first off what is your name?" I said. "I'm Carl." "Okay Carl, why is my brand back!?" Sazh said. "Follow me" Carl said walking. We all did. The ship was amazing. "So you guys help la'cie?" I asked amazed. "Yup, I helped Vanille and her group one time to save her and Sazh." Carl said. I saw soldiers everywhere. They were talking and a elvator came down. We entered and it went up passed about 15 floors. There was bottons that had floor numbers all the way to 50. The elvator stopped at 25 though. The doors opened and we all walked out along with Carl. Some soldiers passed us and went to the elvator. There was rooms and some science labs. We passed three doors and entered a door to our right. We entered and there was six beds and a coffee table. There was a tv, a closet, couch and a window. Sazh and I sat on the couch. "Okay why did our brand's show up?" Sazh said. "I belive its because your brands were never gone. They just were out of site." Carl said. "What do you mean out of site?" Sazh said. "Your brands never disappeared or anything. They were never gone. You still had your powers and you were still la'cie this entire time. What I'm surprised that you have aged. Thats what I don't understand.......unless you have another focus and the brand showed up for you to do your focus and then fully gain enternal life. You become imortal, powerful like a fol'Cie. You could become knew protectors of Cocoon. Taking on different form like you Eidolon." Carl said. "So techanilly one more focus for us and then we mostly become a foul'Cie......but what is my focus?" Sazh said. "Have you had any dreams that were like a vision. Kinda like your last focus?" Vanille asked. "Yes I have more then once though. I dreamt of the ice shattering that was holding Cocoon. Then this weird creatures appeared flew around Cocoon. Making it fly back yup in the air. There was 4 I belive. Then Cocoon flew up in the air again." Sazh said. "So what would that mean?" I asked. "A la'cie gets a little small vision and interpet it to find out what their focus is." Vanille said. "Okay so maybe your vision has something to do with Eidolons. I noticed that your eidolon and Hope's are like giant knights." I said. "But none of our eidolons were there though......" Sazh said, "Not Snow's twin sisters one....." Sazh looked down and sighed. "Well what should we do then?" I asked. "Maybe find the others. They might have the same vision like him." Vanille said. "You mean, Snow, Light, and Hope? Hope is arrested, and we do not know where Light and Snow are." Sazh said. "Well maybe we been here the whole time." Said a deep female voice.
  2. You turn around a see a girl with pink hair, light blue eyes, she had a white shirt with some gray shorts that had back pouch that held a hanging down sword holder. She had a cape conected to her right shoulder that had a metal plate with three yellow lines. "Light!" Vanille said. Behind her was the same guy that Vanille described. The one that caused Hope's mother's death. "Hey Vanille" he said. "So Hope got arrested?" Light said. "Afraid so. They found a video that didn't get destoryed of you and Hope going to Palumpolom. They surrounded him at the Palumpolom University and Alexander came. He surrendered and they took him." I said. "Who are you?" Light said. "I'm Nada. I met Hope at the University and was there the whole time." I said to her. "So Sazh you had the similar dream that I had." Snow said. "What made your dream different Snow?" Vanille asked. "I'm standing stareing ate everyone in crystal form. Then the crystal shatters and big Eidolon like knights came from each of our crystal form." Snow said.
  3. "Mine was the four of us fighting each other then turning to crystal" Light said. "So your focus might be to turn to eidolons and have Cocoon fly in the air again" Vanille said. "I guess so." Snow said. "But we are missing one more piece to our focus. We need Hope and we need to see what he saw in his vision." Light said. "He's probably going to go through a private trial with the PSICOM military. "I don't think so you guys" Carl said. He turned on the tv and the news was on. The news Woman said "The la'cie capture in Palumpolom is going to be going through some public trials. If the la'cie from ten years ago is proven guilty he will be sentenced to death. But the judging will not be done just by the military but the people of Cocoon. He told his side of the story and then the vote began. We shall see if this la'cie is really the one causeing Cocoon's fall....." Then the tv was turned off. "Okay so we have to go and get him. I just want a break..." Sazh sighed. "Hey Sazh! You had a ten year break. So come on up!" Vanille said. Sazh got up and shook his head "I'm getting too old for this...." "Thats what you said ten years ago. Come on." Light said as she walked passed him. Followed by Snow. "Wait I'm going." I said. "You wont be able to go through the military. Besides we don't need any guest on this mission." Light said. "I'm going and thats final." I said looking at her. "Heres a gun. You'll need it more then I do." Said Carl handing me a gun. "Thanks Carl I smiled. "No problem. A air craft is waiting for you at the bottom. They'll think that your there for the trials." Carl said. Snow nodded and said "ALRIGHT! Lets kick some PSICOM butt!" We then went all the way to the bottom and there was a medium size air ship. It had the bridge sticking up at the top where the controls were. The bottom held guns for shooting at the enemy. The bottom opened. "Ready for take off." A soldier said. "Thanks. Oh and I'm driving" Sazh said. "You still remember how to drive a air ship?" Snow said. "Yup, I'm old but I havn't lost my memory." Sazh said walking inside. I walked inside and we walked up the stairs to the bridge. I sat on the second back seat behind Vanille who sat behind Sazh. Light sat in the control seat next to Sazh and Snow sat in the seat behind her. "Ready?" Sazh asked. "Yeah!" Vanille said cheerfully. "Okay in three...." Sazh said. I felt the ship slowy move away from the are craft docks. "2...." Sazh counted. The air caraft started to go down a little. (Play Blinded by light) "1. Here we go!" Sazh said and then I felt my stomach go back as the air craft move at it's fast speed. It was small, quick and agile. But it was a smooth ride. It slowly tilted to the side and entered Cocoon. Then there was the court house of Palumpolom. I looked out of the camer's on a holographic plate that was in front of me. There should some PSICOM soldiers. About 15 surrounding this one cloaked figure. The cloak was like the cloaks that Vanille had to wear. The hands were cuffed with a blue glow to it. "There he is." I said. "Whats the plan?" Vanille asked. "I don't know what is the plan?" Sazh looked a Light. "Just barge in and get him and get back on the air craft." She said. "Thats no plan! You don't have any plan! The whole military is practically here!" Sazh said as he landed the air craft in the back.
  4. "Heres a plan!" I said..........
  5. *Minutes later* I walked into the arena looking court. People were just entering and getting to their seats. I tried to get to the front row but I had to have certain papers to get that close. But a guy said "Oh she's with me." I turned and saw a guy who was 24 years old. He had blond hair and green eyes. His clothes was gray pants and a blue bottoned shirt. He had black boots and he was taller then me and muscular. The soldier looked at his papers and said "Right along." I sat in the seat next to him which was by the judge. Across from the judge was two big doors that were closed. "Thanks I said." "No problem. I'm Percy by the way." He introduced himself. "I'm Nada." I said. "So why do you want to be so close to the judging of a la'cie. Do you want to see the blood of him?" Percy asked. I had to lie so I said "Yeah. La'cie. Enemies of Cocoon. They all should be dead. Am I right?" "Yes, like why didn't they kill him in the first place. We wouldn't have to go through these trials." Percy said. "So Cocoon can see his death. Thats probably why." I lied. I felt so bad saying all of this stuff. The seats were all filled and the judge walked out on the plateform 5 seats away from me. He had brown eyes and brown hair. He had glasses and a black suit. Once everyone was quiet he said loudly "Bring out the accused!" (Sinful Hope play now!)
  6. The two doors opened and 15 soldiers surrounded this one figure in a cloak. He had blue handcuffs preventing him from doing any magic or anything. I couldn't see his face but I could see a green designed hankerchif by looking closely at the hood. They walked in the middle of the circle. The judge said "Pulse la'cie what is your name?"" "Estheim.....Hope Estheim...." Said Hope. "Were you the one with the la'cie that was at the time Cocoon fell?" The judge said. "Yes....." Hope said. "So you admit that your focus was to destory Cocoon." The judge said. "No it was not." Hope said. "Then what is your focus?" The judge asked. "To achieve the impossible. The Sanctum wanted me to destory Cocoon. But I did not. So I helped kill Orphan....he wanted death. Cocoon then fell.....and Ragonrock appeared and save Cocoon. I saw it with my own eyes. Then I turned to crystal." Hope said. "So why are you here? Your brand never left and you are still a la'cie. You must have another focus. What is it this time?" The judge said. Hope looked up and I could see his face. He looked down and said "I do not know what my new focus is." The crowd whispered to each other. "You exspect for me to belive that you don't know? La'cie gets visions to show their focus right? Maybe your focus is not to achieve the impossbile. Maybe it was and is to destory Cocoon. You just came back to finish the job." The judge said. People whispered in the crowd. "No its not." Hope said. "It could be.......Everyone is the pulse la'cie guilty or not guily. Who say that he's not guilty." The judge said. Everyone grabbed out their holographic plates and pressed a botton. I pulled out mine. There was two holographic bottons. One said "guilty". The other said "Not guilty." I pressed not guilty. Percy saw me and whispered "What are you doing he's a la'cie."
  7. A tv showed up and showed the votes. Guilty:299. Not:1. "Hope Estheim the people say you are guily." The judge said. Hope looked down and said "Look I never wanted to become a la'cie....." He he looked yup at the judge and everyone saw his face "It was all a accident. I never wanted anything to do with foul'Cie.....but now that I am a la'cie I see.......we mistaken all la'cie to be bad because of the War of Teggergation. I feared la'cie all my life until I became one myself. And I saw the fear in everyone. I had fear, everyone had fear. The Sanctum wanted me and the other la'cie with me to destory Cocoon......but we didn't. I.....we defeated orphan and watched as our two other friends completed their save Cocoon. Mine was to help them do that." The judge looked at him. "Now would be a good time you guys...." I whispered in a microphone. "Who are you talking to?" Asked Percy. The head phone in my ear rang with Sazh's voice.
  8. "Sorry but miss soldier woman shot a PSICOM soldier and we are trying not to die!" Sazh said. "It wasn't my fault. Snow let him push the botton!" I heard Light said. "Hey! Look I'm not a fast runner like you Light!" Snow said "Plus that guy was agile like a cat!" "Stop arguing! We need to get on with the plan." I heard Vanilled said. "Well I don't think that the plan will work because Hope is about to be killed." I said. "Then use your gun!" Light said. "I don't have it. Now hurry!" I whispered in the microphone. Percy looked at me and said "is that a head phone?" "No.." I said quickly. "Who were you whispering to?" Percy asked. "To myself okay?!" I said aloud. Everyone looked at me. I did a fake cough. "Sorry my throat is raspy....." I lied. Hope looked at me then back at the judge. He looked down and shook his head. "You guys wont listen......" Hope said "Then you have to at least do one thing...." "And what is that?" The judge said. Hope took off his hood and said "Look me in the eye and say that what I say is not true." The judge looked at him. I looked at his eyes and realized that his eyes seemed sad and depressed. People whispered and then the judge said "You are guilty Mr.Estheim." Hope nodded his head. A soldier pointed a gun at his head. He coaked the gun and said "Good-bye la'cie."
  9. (Test of the la'cie now!) Hope then side kicked him and soldiers shot at him. But a ivisbile shield around him protected him. Hope then kicked a soldier and his cloak came off. Then his cuffs broke and his wrist glowed. Then a big fume of fire exploded at the soldiers. Some screamed and others were killed instantly. The doors opened and there was smoke everywhere. Lighting ran out of the smoke and shot soldiers. Hope used his magic and met up with Lighting in the middle. Light then said "Come on!" Then ran. Hope was about to run with her but looked at me. He guestutred his hand to follow. I jumped out of my seat and ran with him. Flying robots came and started to shoot at us. I felt somone tackle me. I looked and saw Percy. "Your trying to help the la'cie?" He said. "Come with me if you want to understand!" I said. He got up and he nodded his head. Hope looked at us and said come on you two we gotta go." We were outside and I just realized that the court house was at the edge of Cocoon. So that means the end of the path we are on will have us fall straight down to Grand Pulse.
  10. Soldiers and robots were right on our tail. Lighting then shot her pink crystal and then a knight that had a cape with a helmet that had a cape sticking out of it came and jumped into the air. It then transformed into a big horse. Lighting got on top of it and rode off leaving the others behind. Vanille got her orange crystal a broke it. Out came a knight that had hundreds. It was black and transformed into a weird for legged creature with four sides having arms. It then ran off in the direction of where Lighting went. Sazh got out his firey knight and it turned into it's car form. Sazh got in a drove off after the other two. Snow crushed his blue crystal and out came two girls. They were white and navy blue. Like paint being poured into another before micxing it. One had glasses like the one guy from X-men (The one with laser eyes) and had her hair in a hat like thing. The other on had her hair a big curly poney tail. They both had gold ourlinings and the jumped into the air and grabbed each other's hands and together they became a motorcycle. Snow hopped on and drove off with the others. They dissappeard after jumping off the edge. I almost ran off of the edge. Hope caught me and brought me back up.
  11. "Don't you have a eidolon? Can't he like become a car or some type of transportetion for us to get down with the others?" I asked Hope. "No he only turns into a big strong wall." Hope said. "Then what do we do?" Percy said. "We jump." Hope said. "Are you crazy?!" I yelled at him. I saw that the soldiers we catching up with us. "Do you trust me?" Hope asked me. "Look I don't want to die!" I said. "Do you trust me?" Hope asked again. I looked into his sad icy blue green eyes. "Yes...." I said. "Okay jump!" He was about to jump but I said "I don't like falling." "Okay together. I held on tightly to his gloved hands. I also held onto Percy's hands too. "1....2...." Hope counted. "Shoot!" A soldier screamed. "3!!!" Hope yelle.d Then I closed my eyes and felt my stomach go all the way up my throat. Wind roared in my ears and I opened my eyes. I was falling head first to Grand Pulse.
  12. I looked to my side and saw Percy. "You better have a good story la'cie!" He yelled at Hope. Hope looked at him and said "There more to the story then you realize....." As we fell I felt light and we were fall so fast I could barely feel like we were falling. Hope then let go of my hand and got below us. He pulled out his crystal and marking srrounded him. Then his eidolon came. It's big yellow armor made it the biggest of them all. It's eyes glowed yellow and it grabbed me and Percy. It pulled us close to it's chest and Hope said on it's shoulder "Hand on! We are about to land!" Then I heard a crack and I almost bounced off of the eidolon but it prevented me from doing so.
  13. Hope jumped off and he helped me and Percy off. The eidolon then disappeared and there on the ground was a yellow crystal. Hope picked it up and put it in his jacket pocket. "I never want to do that again!" I said. "Well we had do stuff like this all the time 10 years ago. You'll get use to it." Sazh said. I noticed that the others were their too. The eidolons were gone and Vanille said "I was born in a time where we didn't have technology like your guys so we never did crazy stuff like this!" She shook her head. Light looked at Percy and said "What are you doing here?" "Trying to find answers. First off why did you guys try to destory Cocoon?" Percy said agressivily. "We never wanted to destory Cocoon!" Light said angerly. She pulled out her sword and aimed it at him. "Light hold on." Hope said. "And you Hope better have the last key to this focus!" She said to him. "I don't know what our focus is suppose to be." Hope said. "Did you have any dreams that repeated over and over?" Snow asked. "One. It showed all of us yelling and turning on each other. Then I see strange creatures come and thats all." Hope said. "Then whats our focus?" Sazh said. "Maybe it is to destory Cocoon." Percy said. "Look you-" Light was about to say but Hope got in between them and said "He hasn't heard our story." "You want to tell him all of our struggles and fights?" Light said. "Maybe so he would understand." Hope said. Lighting clentched her fist and said "Well do whatever. I'm leaving." She said. She put her sword back and walked off. "Where are you going?" Vanille asked. Lighting stopped and sighed. "No where. Just trying to find out what our focus is this time....." Hope walked next to her and said reassuring "Light we'll find out what our focus is okay. Just as long as we stick together."
  14. Lighting nodded. "Right....guess you grew up more then any of us have in the last 10 years." She said. Hope then looked at everyone. "So what do we do now?" Sazh asked. "Try to interpret this focus I guess." Vanille said. "But Vanille I'm curious." Hope said "If your here.....that who is holding Cocoon?" She looked down and said "I don't know...." A tear ran down her cheek. "Vanille what happened?" Sazh asked. "I'm sorry I ran away!" she said. "Vanille I thought that you said that you were not going to run away anymore." Sazh said. "I'm sorry....I woke up and Fang didn't wake up. But I heard her say that they are coming. But I don't know who. Then a foul'cie came...." Vanille said. "Could it be Orphan?" Snow said. "No he's dead." Hope said. "Look Vanille we need you to tell us what happened." Light said. "A strange foul'cie looking creature came and destoryed Fang's crystal form. Then it became her eidolon and attacked me. I ran off and got up to Cocoon to find you guys. But I found Nada instead....." Vanille said. "So it looks like eidolon?" Light said. "Yes...." Vanille said. "So Fang is gone?" Snow said. "Well I think before doing any traveling we shout grab our wits." Said Sazh. "Yeah....." I said.
  15. Hi! Thats the end of part 4! Comment please! I knoew the first three are kinda confusing. But I found a review on youtube called "Final Fantasy 13 (HD)Review!!! It talks about how the game works and the playing the game and all. But in the begining he explains the story about la'cie and people and Cocoon and all that.

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