Life in Cocoon (Part 2)

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Hi! Part 2 is here! Hope you like it! TAKE Beautiful Secrets! NOW! PLEASE! PLEASE! I'll beg! Please! Please! *continues on*

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Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. "I'm Vanille" said the young girl. I nodded. "Nice meeting you Vanille." I said. "So where are you going?" She asked. "I'm going to my apartment." I said. She smiled and said "Really thst sounds wonderful!" "Really a cheery person isn't she." I thought. "Well thanks! Bye!" She said. She smiled and walked away with a little happy hum.
  2. I walked into my apartment and did all of my homework which took me the reast of the evening. I had a apple for dinner and went to sleep. I woke up the next and and got read in some brown travel boots. They were pretty cute in fashion. I had shorts on that were a gold bage like color, a shirt that was white and fishnet like fabric to go over my shoulds and behind my back and have a cute tie in the front. I left my hair long and straight and I putted on my mascara and lipstick. I walked out the door with my things to Palumpolum's University. I went through my classes and my last one was advance history. I walked in and took notes. It was a challenge but I likes the class and it was small so everyone was involved with the class discion. At the end of class everybody left.
  3. I was just in time to catch up with Hope. "Many greetings _____" He said with his smart vocabulary. "Hey there was this one little girl. She was looking for you. Her name was Vanille" I said to him. He then said "Vanille where is she?" "I told her to meet you outside the univercity at this time. I sshe your daughter?" I asked. "No shes a friend." He said. He walked outside and both of us looked through the entire university but Vanille was no where to be found. We went back inside and Hope said "I wonder where she went......"
  4. Just then the doors brusted open (Play Defiers of fate! Final Fantasy 13 now! Don't read on till you do!) Soldiers came in with guns. They all pointed their lasers at Hope. "Whats going on!?" I said scared. They surrounded us all. I heard high heels footsteps. There was a woman in a luntenit like uniform. She had blond hair and she had glasses over her blue eyes. Behind her came was a big man in a Gernal suit that was all dark. He had black hair and green eyes. "Hope Estheim. We would like you to come with us." He said. "For what. I belive that I have done nothing wrong for Cocoon." Hope said. The guy chuckled. "Wrong? We found a old video of two of the la'cie that came to Palumpolum." He pulled out a thin holographic like plate and pressed a play button. They showed a woman with pink hair who looked like a guardian core soldier. Next to her was a young boy who was 14 with icy blue green eyes, and silvery short hair, her had a orange like jacket with green pants, brown shoes, a black shirt, a green designed hankerchif and a yellow hankerchif on his left wrist. I looked back at Hope and saw the yellow hankerchif under his jacket. "Hope Estheim we are going have to arrest you for trials of having Cocoon fall. And being a Grand Pulse la'cie."
  5. Then a couple of soldeirs tackles Hope to the ground and the guy said "Where is your brand la'cie." Hope looked at him and said "Its gone. Belive me I couldn't belive it but its gone. It was on my left wrist." They grabbed his left wrist and pulled up the jacket and looked under the hankerchif. There was no marking of any sort on there. "Where is it!" said the guy. "It disappeared." Hope said. "Your not giving good enough answers." The guy turned around and said "Kill him." "Right!" A soldier said through his micro phome in his helmet. "See you later la'cie." He put a gun to Hopes head. Then a light glowed from his wrist. Strange markings showed up on the floor. "Whats happening?" The soldiers all back up and the guy turned around. Hope was in the center of the stranges markings of circles and said "How could this be happening...." The a head showed up from the floor. It rose and it was a big yellow, heavly armored, big sword knight. "What is that!" A soldier said. I backed up in a corner. The thing rose it sword and in one swipe it killed a ten soldiers. The others either ran away or shot at the thing. The guy and the woman disappeared and all of the soldiers were either gone or dead. It turned to me. It was about to strike when I heard Hope say "Alexander Stop!" The thing stopped and looked at him. It back away and the marking came again and it disappeared into the earth.
  6. "What was that!!!" I said freaking out! "Your a la'cie!?" I kept on screamning and saying everything that just happened then Hope said "Look Nada calm down." "CALM DOWN! YOU MADE COCOON FALLL!!" I yelled at him. He sighed and said "Its never easy to get people to understand what I actually did." Hope said walking away. "Wait" I said. "What?" He said. He stopped and I said "Please don't leave.....I'm sorry. I just heard that la'cie are the bad guys...." He then said "Not all of them...." He turned to face me and said "But its a long story and I think I barely have 5 minutes. They are probably prevoked and will come hunting for me and who ever I stay with la'cie or not they will kill for helping a la'cie." He said to me. "Well guess I'll be needing your protection right?" I said. He looked at me and said "Yeah just let me tie you up so you wont be killed. They think that I did it and they wont kill you" He said. "I'm not a good actress though. SO I'm coming with you. No matter what you say." I said to him. He sighed and said "Come one then." He grabbed my hand and together we ran outside. Outside waiting for us was big flying ships of the sycom army. I heard a voice and it said "Grand Pulse la'cie. Surrender now. You are surrounded. There is no where you can get out!" Soldiers were everywhere. Hope shook his head. He pulled something out of his pocket and dropped it. It was a beautiful yellow dimond. It broke when it reached the floor and the same thing came out and turned into a big giant wall. The soldiers shoot at the thing but it had no affect. "So we run now?" I asked. "No........just wait until they run out of bullets. I'm not going to be running this time." He said. The gun shots stopped and teh thing disappeared. Hope pulled out a big boomerang and dropped it. He held up his hands "I'm not going to fight you or run away." He said. The soldiers came and I backed away. One came with me and said "Are you alright?" "I'm fine" I said to the soldier. He took me to where the others were and I saw Vanille in the crowd. She seemed sad. One soldier pointed his gun at Hope. (Play Hope's theme. Now!) Hope stayed motionless. The soldier then pulled the trigger and I flinched. I looked and saw the dead body of Hope. They walked over to him and checked for a pulse. "Dead sir." one said. "Good. We don't need the trouble." The guy from earlier said. They asked a few questions and left me at my house.
  7. I sat on the side walk sadly. I heard footsteps and saw Vanille. "Hi Vanille where were you?" I asked. "I was there the hole time." She said. "I can't belive that they killed him right on the spot....." I said. Vanille looked at me and said "He'll be back." "How? He's dead." I said trying not to cry. Vanille forced a smile and said "We have changed our fates before....I also watched what the soldiers did and he's not dead. That was a sleep dart and they use code names so when the guy said dead he probably ment asleep." "What do you mean, you have changed your fates before?" I asked. "I'm one of the la'cie......When I was on the purge and I meet Hope. He was 14 and so was I. We became la'cie." She said. "How could you be 14 now?" I said. She looked down and said "Here I'll explain to you what we were really up to." Vanille said.
  8. "Okay answers now." I said. "Lets first star off with how I became a la'cie......." She said.
  9. TAKE Beautiful Secrets please! Thank you!
  10. Hi! Thats the end of part 2! Hope you liked it!

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