life? chapter 1 die

hope u enjoy thiss my 1 quiz

Created by: eviee

  1. what's your choice? Life is not fair. People see other people die all the time. Now it's my turn. There she was in a coffin dead, my eyes started to burn as I blink back my tears.No more popularity,just shhh slient. The funeral was even more sad then when they thought the name Alska flash back of memories of me and my sister
  2. flashback1 life: "Alska! come on we are going to be late the teacher said 1 more tardy no prom"! "She yelled coming down. Alska is not your average teenage girl shes popular head of the cheerleader squad has a boyfriend. The worst part is IM HER SISTER!
  3. she came down stair wearing a crop top plaid skirt and heels. Oh yeah did I mention she could drive!? She drove me to school everyday her friends will just push me out my way
  4. But hey I have my ways. "Hey Alska no but no", lucy (2 popular girl in the school) push me and said "sho sho fly or else ill swat with a slap". Alska laughed so did everyone else. Finally the bell rang time for gym something without alska.
  5. Oh wait noooo! Alska Iis in this and the jocks they like follow me around. But like always Alska has a stupid escuse like im allgric to rubber or I broke my arm. This time she said I have go to the bathroom and she never came back. Oh great jocks against loser like always. I hit like 5 hundred time and only one point Josh aka Alska boyfriend hit the ball right in my face.
  6. I went to the nurse got any ice pack and went to English and sat everyone was laughing at me the teacher Mrs. Oliver is the only teacher who does role call. She said "people roll call Elizabeth Alden here I said Alska Alden here josh here Eric here lucy here maddie here (after names and heres) Good were all here". (20 min later) the bell rings 2 more class Finally lunch.
  7. Like always popular girls sit with popular girls,jocks sit with jocks, geeks sit with geeks, goth sit with goth and nobody sit with nobody. Luckly my friend emily sit with me "how was your day"she said . "Horrible yours"? "Same lucy came over and put ranch dressing all over our back. I yelled "seariously"! "Do you want to get she" said. "Do you want to get socked" I said the teacher came and said "Whats going on". Lucy started to fake cry and said"Iwas walking the I accendently trip and spilled ranch dressing on them then she threatened to socked me" detention mrs. alden.
  8. Cliffhanger! Sorry everything was so long chapter 2 will be out soon
  9. pie
  10. hello

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