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  • Thanks, Stormwolf! Although, I wouldn't stress too much on waiting for the next part because I have to write 2 in 1 week and I have to proofread all of it repeatedly. And yeah, I'd love for you to help me out! Just comment on what you think would happen next, I would give you my email but I don't trust internet people. LOL

  • Blahh your stories are awesome and I always check to see if your next part is ready. As for co-writers I would like to become one.

  • Hmm. Nice twist. I was thinking something along the lines of Hermione, Karla, and Ginny are screaming at Draco and forced him to see you

  • Great! I liked everything.(I always like everything.)

    I may not be able to take your quizzes much now, obviously I would, but maybe like once in a week. I've bookmarked your page.

    Ideas? Um.. well... Ok so she wakes to find Hermione, Ginny, Karla and *some other girl* near her. No boy had come. And now they come anonymously and she is furious at them. Then they try make her up in their own ways.


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