Life and Love at Hogwarts (Part 5)

Who will your Hogwarts boyfriend be? Take this quiz to see who is you Hogwarts Hottie. Make new relationships and break some, make new friends and loose some in the process.

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  1. I apologize for skipping so much so far this year, but things will slow down later, I promise! And I'm sorry for getting confused between my two series. I basically need this series to go more in depth in the fourth year, I will be taking more time on each year when I continue my other series. Also, I could really use some co-writers, *cough* any *cough* readers of my series *cough cough cough*, thanks! I have some twists but sadly, they are for my other series and for later. =( . But anyway, hope you enjoy! Recap: You had a quick moment with Draco, told Harry and he sort of hates you at the moment, you discovered your an animorphmagus, eavesdropped on the twins and overheard things about the Marauder's map, and snuck out to Hogsmead. All caught up?
  2. After several failed attempts to calm you down, Hermione just sat beside you making quiet shushing noises. After about ten minutes you finally calmed down, "I just don't get it, Hermione. I just don't get why Harry hates me for kissing Draco, I'm mean it's not like I'm dating either if them!" You said quietly, but distinguishably angry. Hermione shook her head in disbelief at Harry and replied, "He's just being a jealous git, not as much as Ron would be though, he'd be calling you many, many rude things." "What do you mean 'being jealous'?" You asked while drying your eyes. Hermione turned red, giggled, and covered her mouth. "What is it Hermione? Spill it!" You prompted. "Forget I ever said anything," Hermione said quickly. "What? What? What?" You said as you threw snow at her. "I won't leave you alone until you tell me, and I'll even jinx your next potion if you don't say!" You threatened. Hermione looked defeated and sighed. "Well Harry and Ron sort of fancy you." You laughed, "I heard, on Halloween, although I thought it was just one of their jokes and they knew I was eavesdropping. But, I don't understand why people like me, I'm not that cute, am I?" Hermione, as your best friend, was obligated to make you feel better. "You look gorgeous! When's your next movie out?" She joked while playfully tossing snow at you. You both laughed and you decided that it was best to head back to the castle before everyone began to worry. "People can easily recognize you, _______! You might want to change your look." Hermione advised. You sighed, "Alright, but it'll be painful, for me anyway. Pick a Hogwarts student," Hermione didn't like the idea of you becoming someone's Doppler danger but said, "Penelope Clearwater, Ravenclaw prefect, just went in the castle." You nodded, you knew Penelope so you could look like her as soon as you wanted. After a moment of bubbling discomfort, you became a splitting image of the Ravenclaw prefect. 'Penelope' walked with Hermione to Mr. Filch, who was checking names at the door. "Miss. Clearwater? You just came in!" Mr. Filch said in his dark and mysterious voice. "I know, sir, I left my galleons at the Three Broomsticks," you lied. Mr. Filch nodded the both of you through the door. You hid behind a tapestry and became yourself again. Hermione said that you did a very good last minute lie. You thanked her and said, "Chances are that Harry got caught, I'd better go help him, even if he does hate me, I don't hate him.... Yet." You ran off to find Harry almost confronted with Snape near the one-eyed witch statue.
  3. Snape began to question Harry and Harry was at a loss for words so you decided to intervene. "Harry! Harry!" You shouted while walking over to him. "Miss ______, I have been informed that Mr. Potter was sneaking off to Hogsmead, so, naturally, he is nearing detention," Snape snapped at you, he must have been really mad to snap at a Slytherin. You being good with quick comebacks said, "Professor, I'm afraid that whoever told you that Harry was in Hogsmead is not a very reliable source. Harry and I were playing a game and I've been following him to see if he plays right." Snape sneered, "What game, Miss _____?" You'd already had an answer for that as well. "Truth or Dare, Professor. I dared Harry to run about the castle to see who catches him first, I followed to make sure that he didn't hide in any corridors. And Harry, since you didn't cheat, here's the five galleons that I had promised." You turned and handed Harry a few coins. "That still does not explain the Zonko's products in his pockets," Snape challenged. "Ron arrived a moment ago and he'd promised to being me some things from Hogsmead," Harry joined into the conversation, finally catching on. Snape nodded, gave a disappointed glare toward Harry and walked away. "Thanks," Harry said with no emotion in his voice while he handed you back the coins. "Keep 'em" you said equally expressionless as you turned on your heel to walk away. "Off to snog Malfoy some more?" Harry asked angrily. "Nope, off to practice for Quidditch tryouts in a couple days," you said as you began to walk away. Harry suddenly seemed to forget about the Malfoy incident. "I thought Slytherin Quidditch Tryouts were the first Saturday of the year? It's the third." "They kept getting postponed, along with matches, because Flint was being a prat and refused to have tryouts until it got cold because he needs players who can handle it. Mostly due to the fact that most of our matches are in the rain, cold, and snow, not to mention the dementors," you answered and walked away before Harry could ask anything else. You rushed to your common room, mindlessly said the password, and retrieved your Nimbus 2001, that Hermione had given you. (You were only going to use your Firebolt for matches) Afterwards you talked to Karla, Flint's sister, "Good luck, although I doubt you will make it unless you have Snape there because my b**** of a brother plays favorites!" You nodded for you really didn't mind as long as you had fun. You left for the Quidditch Pitch to train for tryouts.
  4. You had a lot of fun for the next four hours at the Quidditch pitch before deciding to head to the feast. You hadn't seen Draco since earlier, when the 'thing' happened. You felt a little awkward sitting at the same table as him so you decided to talk to Dumbledore for special permission. After you had deposited your Nimbus 2001 in the common room, you walked to Dumbledore's office. After about a twenty minute walk, you arrived at Dumbledore's office. You arrived just as Professor Snape left so you didn't have to know the password. "Professor?" You asked after you departed the Phoenix escalator. Dumbledore told you to enter and you did so. "Ah, Miss ______. How can I help you?" Dumbledore asked. "Oh, please sir, call me ______. And I was wondering if I could sit with the Gryffindors today? I need a break from the muggle-hater and blood obsessed Slytherins," you said hopefully. Dumbledore nodded, you thanked him, and left to join the feast. Instead of sitting with Hermione like you would have liked, because she was with Harry, you sat with your second best friend, Ginny Weasley. "Hey Gin, mind if I sit?" You ask as you walk over to see her with a group of second years and a third year boy. Ginny gestured to the seat across from her. "Why aren't you sitting with Hermione?" She asked. "Harry," you said simply. "What? What's up with you and Harry?" Ginny asked, more curious than before. "How much will it take for you to get mad at me?" You asked anxiously. Ginny was a little shocked by the question, but pondered her answer. "All the galleons in the world times 25!" Ginny said proudly. "Alright then come here," you gestured towards the door and walked to it. "Okaaaay? What's up?" Ginny asked getting impatient. "Harry hates me, because I sort of, kind of, maybe kissed Draco earlier," you said while trying to keep from another breakdown. 'I never cry! What's going on? Do I really care about Harry enough to cry?' You thought. Ginny nodded and said she would talk to him for you. You thanked her and the two of you resumed with the feast. "Hi! You're Neville, right?" You asked the boy. He seemed a little afraid of you but nodded. "I'm ______, _______ _______." The two of you shook hands, Neville was very hesitant. "Are you alright, Neville? You seem quite anxious," Ginny said. "She's a Slytherin! They hate us!" Neville hissed almost silently to Ginny. "Oh sure! Let's all be afraid of the girl that's being nice because she's a Slytherin! Why not?! I mean, it's not like a few Slytherins are decent!" You nearly shouted sarcastically. Neville immediately had a look of regret on his face and you finished your food in silence. 'Wow! Just wow! Why are Gryffindors so anti-Slytherin? And I think that I now know why I was put in Slytherin, I go off very easily.' You thought as you tore through some turkey. After a few minutes of silence Ginny said, "_____, I'm sure he didn't mean it like that." You got upset again, just not as much, "Really, Ginny? How else can you interpret that? Being all afraid of me and saying its because of my house?! I'm full, I'll see you tomorrow, Ginny." You left and you saw Ginny pull Hermione by the robes and follow you.
  5. Hermione and Ginny entered the Slytheirn Common Room about five minutes after you had. "______? What's wrong? Are you........crying? You never cry!" Hermione said as she sat beside you on the black sofa. "Oh nothing really! Just me, a Slytherin, trying to be nice to a Gryffindor by the name of Neville. Nothing to be worried about other than how people just write me off as another jerk of this house!" You said sarcastically. "And as for crying, no I'm not I splashed water in face a minute ago," you said truthfully while your hair involuntarily turned blood red. Ginny sat on the other side of you and the two enveloped you in sisterly hugs. At this, you calmed down and your hair returned to its original color. "Well, what can we say? A lot of Gryffindors despise the Slytherins and we don't know why. So do I, but I like you and I don't exactly know very many Slytherins so they could be better than we think," Ginny said reassuringly. You nodded, "Maybe I could help! KARLA!!!" You shouted to your roommate. Karla Flint descended the stairs in her Slytherin uniform with her blonde hair flowing behind her. "Yeah, _____?" She asked while smiling at the Gryffindors. "Karla, could you gather our roommates, other than Parkinson?" You asked. "Course, meet me by the Black Lake in about a half hour!" Karla replied as she scurried to find the others, "Oh, _______, before I forget, Fyochi transferred out. Something about the Hufflepuffs hexing her I think!" You nodded and thanked her. You then turned to Hermione and Ginny. "That is Karla Flint, her brother may be a right git, but she is awesome! In fact, she's my best friend in Slytherin!" You said. "She did see our robes, didn't she? Gryffindors. And she actually SMILED at us!" Hermione said surprised. You nodded and turned to Ginny who was asking something. "______, I hate to ask, but are you sure we can trust your friends? I mean, I'm a little nervous about meeting a group of Slytherins near a freezing lake!" You laughed and nodded. "Although, they do like to have some fun, so take an extra pair of robes just in case! And guys, I know that you are used to Slytherins calling you mudbloods and blood traitors, but you don't have to worry about this lot. I talk about the both of you quite a lot and only Parkinson seems to object to 'your bloodlines'" You said while air quoting your bloodlines. The girls nodded happily and said it was time to head to the lake. "Do you think that we could bring a couple more Gryffindors who might appreciate some nice Slytherins?" Hermione asked. "I know a lot of people like that, Hermione. Who do you mean?" You elaborated. "Ron and H-" Hermione started as you cut her off. "Ron, I don't mind. I don't mind Harry either if he agrees not to be so cross with me," you stated as the three of you left the gloominess of the Slytherin Common Room.
  6. Hermione was content on bringing the boys so you finally relented. The three of you walked to the Gryffindor Common Room and Hermione spoke the password. "Ginny, could you go to the Black Lake and tell the girls that we might be a little late?" You asked hopefully for you wanted to make amends with Harry. Ginny nodded and ran off to the Black Lake, trying to avoid teachers for it was nearly after hours. "_______, come ON!" Hermione persisted as she pulled you through the portrait hole. "Harry! Ron!" Hermione shouted upon entry. The two boys hopped off of the couch at the sound of their names. Apparently Harry had told Ron of the Draco incident for he glared at the sight of you. "Yes, Hermione?" Harry asked ignoring your presence. Hermione nudged you indicating for you to answer. "We were wondering if you would like to come with us to meet some nice Slytherins?" You asked not getting your hopes too high. "Nice and Slytherins in the same sentence? Yeah, right!" Ron sneered. "Am I not in Slytheirn?" You asked hoping that he forgot your house. "Thanks for proving my point," Ron said calmly. You began to tear up and you ran out of the common room shouting back, "If all Slytherins are bad than why aren't you in there?! The Sorting Hat must have taken a sip or two before your ceremony!" You looked back to see Ron in anger and confusion, Hermione shocked, and Harry's face unreadable. "Hope you're happy, you two!" Hermione raged as she ran out after you. You ran straight to the Black Lake making excuses to any passing professor. "______! _______! Wait! I'm sorry, I didn't think that they would do that!" Hermione shouted as she ran to catch you. Even though you were angry, you wouldn't ever take it out on some one who you didn't think deserved it. You calmed down and said, "I know Hermione, but why are they such gits?!" The two of you kept on walking. Hermione shook her head in an 'I have no clue' sort of way. You two quickly arrived at the Black Lake to see something that you wish you hadn't.
  7. "Girls! What? Are? You? Doing?!" You shouted as you reached the Black Lake. "Put Ginny DOWN!!!!" You demanded. The Slytherins did so rather reluctantly. "What happened? You guys have always said that you would be nice to them!" You said. "She said that all Slytherins are SCUM!" Karla said. "Ginny? Did you?" You asked not willing to believe it. "No, I said MOST Slytheirns are like that! Not you guys, it was a compliment!" Ginny said as she scurried toward you. "Guys, if I know Ginny than she isn't lying, and she has a serious case of 'I think everyone knows what I mean'! How about we all just have a chat?" You defended Ginny. You then pulled her to the side. "We all may not be awful people, but we are extremely sensitive," you explained. Ginny nodded and hugged you. The two of you went to the rest of the girls. "Alright! Intros! Ginny, Hermione, this is Califina Maraco, Karla Flint, and Mazy Challembach. Girls these Gryffindors are Ginny and Hermione," you gestured as you said each name. "Hi..... Um wait. Mazy, Karla, and Califina, right?" Ginny asked. They all nodded and Karla said, "So, Ginny and Hermione? As the hostess here, along with ______, what would you like to do?" Hermione and Ginny just shrugged. "How about we play 'what's your favorite'? We can learn more about each other that way!" You offered. Everyone nodded and sat in a circle under the tree. "How about Hermione goes first?" Mazy offered. Everyone nodded. "Okay, how do we play?" Hermione asked. "Okay, if it's you're turn than you have to ask the person to your left a favorite question. If it was my turn I would ask Karla 'What is your favorite........ Finish the question," Califina explained. Hermione nodded and turned to her left, Mazy. "Okay Mazy, what is your favorite house OTHER than Slytherin?" "Easy one! Slytherin actually isn't my favorite. In fact I would have loved to be a Ravenclaw." Mazy said proudly. The game went on with the same question, 'favorite house' Hermione would have been in Ravenclaw as well if she couldn't have been in Gryffindor, Ginny to Hufflepuff with Califina, and Karla and yourself for Gryffindor. After about an hour, you heard footsteps. You turned to see Neville with Harry under some sort of cloak. You walked to Neville and said, "Neville, I am so sorry for what happened at dinner, pleas forgive me!?" Neville smiled and said, 'Eh, I shouldn't have said it anyway, for what I've seen there are a few decent Slytherins." "Just thought you might need to borrow this," Harry said with no expression as he handed you the Marauder's Map. You thanked him and the two Gryffindors disappeared. "Okay girls, hate to say it, but it is past midnight and we need to get to our common rooms. So just follow me, be quiet and we'll get there just fine," you told everyone. "Could Hermione and Ginny stay in our dorm? Pansy's been sleeping in the Common Room lately to see Draco first so we have two extra beds," Mazy said. Ginny and Hermione nodded so you said it'd be fine.
  8. After an hour or two of dodging professors the six of you arrived at the Slytherin dorm. You were all tired so just slept in your robes. In the morning you awoke to a scream. It was Pansy's. "What the h*** is a f****** mudblood doing in MY bed?!" Strangely no one heard her but just in case, "Muffliato," you muttered. You were a quick liar so answered, "Huh? Is there a mudblood in here? I only see a muggle born. And besides we asked you if she could sleep here." "No you didn't!" Pansy spat. "Yes we did Parkinson!" Karla joined in. "Last night before you fell asleep we asked if a friend could sleep in here! You said to was fine!" Califina chimed in. "I'm going to get a professor on you lying b*****s!" Pansy yelped. "Patrificus Totalus!" Mazy cast the spell. "Obliviate!" You said erasing the last ten minutes from her mind after you had dragged her back to the couch. You told Hermione and Ginny that it'd be best to go to breakfast now. They rushed downstairs shielded from Pansy by the Slytherins. You made sure to get the Marauder's Map from your trunk to give to Harry. When you arrived at the Great Hall you noticed that not many people were there. Only Harry, Ron, Oliver Wood, Draco and his lackeys, a Ravenclaw named Cho Chang and a Hufflepuff named Cedric Diggory. You walked to Harry and asked to talk to him, he hesitantly agreed. "Yeah, yeah. I know you don't want to talk to me but I had to give you back the map, you saved the lot of us," you said quickly giving him the map. He thanked you and walked back to Ron. "What'd she want?" Ron asked. "To return something," Harry said simply. "I swear, why doesn't she just show people the Slytherin that she is?" Ron asked disgusted. You snapped and walked over to him. "You want me to show people that I'm a Slytherin. Fine, well Weasley, if it wasn't for the Gryffindor badge I would've guessed that you were related to Parkinson, just as revolting!" You said, not as satisfied with the angry look on his face as you thought you'd be, and walked off barely holding in the tears. You grabbed a tray of toast and a quart of milk and left the hall. You quickly went to the tree beside the Black Lake, climbed it, ate and sobbed at the same time.
  9. "______? Is that you?" A non familiar voice asked. "Yes and you are?" You said not looking up from your breakfast. "Diggory. Cedric Diggory," the boy said. You looked up and sure enough it was the Hufflepuff that you had seen earlier. "Diggory," you greeted him. "Hey! Call me Cedric." You nodded and allowed Cedric to sit on the brach beside of yours. "Hi, Cedric," you greeted him sarcastically. "That's better. Now why are you crying? I heard that it takes a lot to make you cry." "Usually it does. Probably because I've never had friends hate me for no reason. I'm crying because Weasley is being a prick!" "Which Weasley?" "The youngest boy, the only one that I address by surname now." "Why is that?" "Oh nothing really, just that he's been saying that Slytherin only takes the evil ones and me being put in Slyhterin just proves his point. And today, I gave something back to Harry, and Ron asked why I just didn't show the Slytherin that I am so I called him Weasley and said he seemed related to Parkinson. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for class," you lied at the last sentence. Cedric nodded, said Ron was an idiot and hopped down from the tree. You followed and went to your first class, Care of Magical Creatures (I'm going to try to make up for the classes that I've missed) with the Gryffindors. You put on your new Slytherin Swag as asked by Ron and strutted towards the Dark Forrest and stopped in front of Hagrid's hut. You were the first one there so you decided to visit Hagrid for the remaining two hours before class. "Hi Hagrid!" You said cheerfully as he opened the door. "Hey, ________. Come 'n," Hagrid replied. You thanked him and sat down in one of his huge kitchen chairs. Apparently Hagrid noticed that your makeup was smeared and that your face was red. "'Aven't been cryin' 'ave ya?" He asked as he poured you some tea. "Yeah," you said simply and took a sip of the tea. "Why? Ya never cry!" Hagrid said. "How does everyone know that?! And as to the crying question"”Ron is being a jerk." You replied angry at first and got calmer as your answer went on. "What's Ron been doin'?" Hagrid asked. "Alright, but this could take a while because I have to describe why Harry is cross with me before it'll make any sense. But first, you don't judge do you Hagrid?" Hagrid looked taken aback and upset that you would even ask such a thing. "'Course I don'!" He replied. "Sorry, had to ask. But okay, the other day I kissed Draco Malfoy and Hermione made me tell Harry. Ever since I told him he's been very cross with me and he told Ron about it. Well, Hermione made me invite Harry and Ron to hang out with some of my Slytherin friends. Ron was surprised that nice Slytherins existed and said that me being sorted into Slytherin only proved his point. I got upset and told him that the if the Slytherins were all bad why he wasn't there and that the hat must have been drunk when he put Ron in Gryffindor. Today, I returned something to Harry and Ron asked why I just didn't show the Slytherin that I am so I got upset and insulted him and now here I am," you said ending in furious tears. "K, ______, I agree that Ron ain't bein' fair, but you weren't tryin' to be too nice either," Hagrid said. "I know, but he's insulting me, I insult him." You said as if it settled your argument. The two of you talked and came around to the topic of the lesson. "Hippogriffs?! COOL!" You said. Hagrid nodded and told you about them until class was to start in a few minutes. You left his house and bid him good luck. Harry was the only one that wasn't afraid to approach the Hippogriff, Buckbeak, or he was just the last one to step back. By the confused way that he looked around you guessed the second one. He rode Buckbeak after petting him and you cheered along with his friends, he may not think of you as his friend; but he was your friend as far as you were concerned, once he landed. After Harry had retreated to his group, Draco taunted Buckbeak. You saw Buckbeak rear back, and after talking to Hagrid, knew he was about to attack Draco. You pushed him out of the way before Buckbeak could return to the ground. You took in a sharp breath when Buckbeak cut your shoulder. 'It would have hurt if he just clawed me, but did he really have to claw me on my scar?' You fell backward in shock and heard Hermione say that you should go to the hospital wing and Hagrid said that he should take you. "No, no, Hagrid, I'm fine, I can walk." You said as you tried to stand. "Or not," was all you said before you passed out. You really didn't mind that whoever looked close enough at your scratches would see your scar, or that you felt yourself being carried by a student to the hospital wing. You awoke to see four people fighting by your bed, but couldn't see who they were
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