Life and Love at Hogwarts (Part 4)

Thanks for taking my quiz! I hope you like it!

Thanks for taking my quiz! I hope you like it! .

Created by: Blahh45

  1. Okay, I'm putting my other series on hold until I get this one caught up! Thanks! I am like three quizzes behind"”2 if you count this one. Also, in the results, only four results are included. The four are the only guys that appear in this quiz.
  2. Recap: It was Halloween when we left off. Harry had asked you to accompany him for the Hogsmead trip and you agreed. The Golden Trio and yourself had a Halloween celebration with which you all dressed up and trick-or-treated in the Slytherin and Gryffindor common rooms. Draco, being afraid of you, gave the three a treat. Marcus Flint sent a snake after them, you petrified; kicked; and slapped him. You showed Harry your worst memory. Harry kissed you and Ron and Harry had a bit of a fight. All caught up?
  3. We will start with the first Hogsmead trip of the year. For those of you who are wondering, no, it is not a date between you and Harry (me: bummer). You awoke to a room of silence and disgusted stares. Other than Pansy who was criticizing you every chance she got. "I swear, she has Draco all over her, and she dates him?? I mean he isn't even cute! Although, if she did date Draco, I would kill her!" Pansy ranted as you awoke. You, not being a morning person, didn't understand who she was talking about, "Who has Draco all over them? *yawn* Who isn't that cute? Who's dating who?" You stretched. "Draco is all over YOU! Potter isn't cute! And you're dating Potter!" Pansy shouted as her face turned red. You were suddenly completely awake, "I am not dating Harry! He's my friend, he asked me to hang out with him because neither of us can go to Hogsmead! And how did you even find that out?" You shouted, angry, and deliberately failing to mention Draco. Pansy calmed down and apologized for yelling at you for dating Harry, but criticizing you for being friends with him. "I heard Potter telling the Weasel." Pansy answered. You ignored her comments, not wanting to start a fight, and took a shower. After you showered you dressed in your favorite casual clothes, a red t-shirt hoodie; skinny jeans; and black heeled boots. Once you had done your makeup, as usual, you brushed your __{long, short, or medium}__ __{hair color}__ hair, you headed towards your common room. Once you had reached the green, silver, and black common room, you were bombarded by guys, most of which you didn't even know, all asking for you to go to Hogsmead with them. The more you said that you couldn't, the more they begged. After about two minutes you did the only thing you could, scream. You climbed atop of the coffee table and screamed. Everyone suddenly shut up and stared at you. "I. Cannot. Go. To. Hogsmead. Understood?" You said slowly. Everyone ignored the 'not' and heard that you can go to Hogsmead. You were about to cast a spell, but a pale hand dragged you out of the common room. You look up to see the person who saved you, only to be found losing yourself in Draco's grey eyes. "Uh-uh, th-thanks," you stuttered losing yourself more and more. Draco actually laughed at your sentence, and said, "Anytime, ______." You couldn't look away from his grey eyes, until he kissed you. You could've broken away, but chose not to, and kissed him back. After a few seconds, you broke apart. You smile and Draco smirks. From behind him you see Hermione, looking completely shocked as she turned and walked away. "I'll see you later, Draco," you said and you saw Draco's smile fade. He nodded and you ran shouting, "HERMIONE!" You shouted it about five times before you caught her.
  4. Once you caught her, you noticed that she looked furious. "What's up, Hermione?" You asked, confused. "Oh nothing, only that two of your best guy friends fancy you and you snog that," she said sarcastically. "First off, it wasn't snogging, it was like a three second kiss. And secondly, I will tell you what I told Ron when he got mad at me and Harry on Halloween, I can kiss who I want, when I want. Now, what did you need to tell me?" You began to get a smart-alecky attitude, but cut yourself short when you realized that you were talking to your best friend. "What makes you think there was anything I needed to tell you?" She asked, crossing her arms. You laughed, "Hermione, if I know you, then you wouldn't be caught dead near the Slytherin House unless you were told to." Hermione put her hands up in a defeated stance and replied, "Okay, you got me. I came to tell you that were leaving for Hogsmead in a minute, and Harry's waiting for you. You had better tell him that you kissed Draco though, even if you think he'll be mad at you, because if you don't I will. And he'd be much more understanding if it came from you, although, to soften the blow, you might want to up the Veela charm." You nodded and followed Hermione to the Entrance Hall where she left you with Harry. Hermione joined Ron and they said, "We'll bring you guys something back from each shop!" With that they left. You turned to see Harry smiling at you and you suddenly felt guilty. You decided to make something clear so when you told him about Draco it wouldn't hurt as much, "Harry, I want to make something clear. This is not a date, okay?" Harry said, "Unless you want it to be." You shook your head 'no' and he smiled. The two of you walked to the library together to finish some homework you both had blown off until the last minute as usual. Once you had reached the library the two of you sat at a table. You pulled out your Arithmancy homework while Harry pulled his potions essay. You stared at your homework for like ten minutes and finally said, "My brain hurts, let's go do something fun!" You closed your homework and dragged Harry from the library, making sure to put up a thought wall. Harry laughed as you dragged him to the grounds and watched you climb a tree by the Black Lake.
  5. Once you had reached your favorite branch, you called to Harry, "Come on, slow poke!" He laughed and climbed the tree and sat beside you. Once again you felt guilty. You decided to get the worst of it over so you admitted, "Um, Harry? I understand if your mad at me, but I have to tell you something." You looked at Harry to see him staring at you clearly confused. You gave a nervous laugh and tried to up the Veela charm by twirling your hair and giggling. You gave up once you noticed that you seemed like a drunken schoolgirl. "Okay, Harry, I don't want you to be mad at me, but I know you probably will be. IkissedDraco." You finished quickly. "What?" Harry asked not understanding a word you'd said. You took a deep breath and tried again, "I, kissed Draco." Harry looked furious but said nothing. You tucked your shirt into your belt, locked your legs around the tree branch and flipped upside down. Harry gave no reaction to your feinted fall other than doing the same thing. Only he held on with his hands as well. "Hi," you quietly and sadly said. He just ignored you again. You gave up and flipped from the tree and headed closer to the Black Lake. You looked back to see Harry still hanging from the tree, not acknowledging your disappearance. You got mad again, "If you're going to walk away, then do so!" Harry lifted himself back onto the branch, stone faced, and said, "I'm still trying to decide whether to leave or not." You nodded and jumped into the lake. You really didn't mind the Grindylows chasing you, it was the grabbing seaweed and freezing temperatures that drove you to resurface. After you reached the surface, you noticed that Harry was gone, although it didn't surprise you, it did hurt you.
  6. You dried yourself off with a flick of your wand, and noticed that leaving the tree were not footprints but drag marks. 'Unless Harry didn't pick up his feet, he was dragged away,' you thought as you followed the drag marks. They led back to the castle, and from there were bits of melted snow leading to a room. You entered silently and eavesdropped. "You have to tap it and say, 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,' it shows everyone in the castle. Where they are, what they're doing, every minute of everyday!" You recognized the voices as the twins, finishing each others sentences, as always. They whispered something that you couldn't hear and Fred and George shouted, "______, come out from behind the door! We know you're there!" You blushed and walked out from your hiding place and saw Harry's face become a grimace of disgust. "Can we help you?" He asked with an edge to his voice. "Just wondered where you dragged to. And Fred, George, let me see that map," you said as you strode toward the twins. They handed you the map and asked in a whisper, "What's up with Harry?" "He's just angry because I kissed Draco," you replied as if it happened everyday. Fred and George looked disgusted as well. The map read, 'Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs are proud to present the Marauder's Map.' "So this is the map that allows you to stalk people?" You asked with a smile. Fred and George acted hurt and said in unison, "This young lady, is the ticket to our success!" You laughed and asked, "Any of these passages go to Hogsmead?" The twins nodded and pointed to an old one-eyed witch statue. "Thanks! Later! Sorry, Harry!" You waved at everyone and left, heading towards the statue. Once you arrived at the statue you realized that you didn't know the spell to open her hump. You turned to ask Fred or George what the spell was to find them right behind you. You jumped and nearly screamed as they approached. "Diffindo!" Fred shouted at the witch as a trap door appeared. You didn't see Harry so asked where he was. You suddenly saw a shimmer and then saw Harry emerge from nowhere. "I'm right here! It's an invisibility Cloak," he said still distinguishably upset. You nodded and sat on the entrance to a slide, "Come on, slow poke!" You said again to Harry. He brightened up a little, nodded, sat beside you, and threw the cloak over the two of you.
  7. After an hour of silence the two of you reached Honeydukes' cellar, a sweet shop that Ron never stops talking about. You noticed that Harry was giving you the silent treatment, but didn't really mind because you knew two things, 1. He's jealous of Draco and 2. He is an over dramatic idiot sometimes. The two of you quietly entered Honeydukes without drawing too much attention to yourself. 'Oh, if I get caught, I'm dead!' You thought while staring at every Hogwarts student. You felt your face ripple so you ran to the washroom. When you looked in the mirror, you were shocked by what you saw. Instead of your usual _{long, medium, short_ _{hair color_ hair, you now had an auburn pixie cut. And instead of your usual ______ eyes, yours were now an olive green color. Your nose seemed smaller, and you looked 17, so you barely recognized yourself. 'Okay, so I'm an unregistered animagus AND an animorphmagus? Good to know!' You thought as you exited the washroom. You noticed that Hermione and Ron had just left, so you decided to follow. "Hermione!" You shouted in an accent that wasn't known to you. Hermione whipped around, confused as she saw your new appearance. "Yeah? I'm afraid I don't know you, but you sound Canadian," She said. You grabbed Hermione by the arm and pulled her to a clearing behind some trees. She was struggling and kicking. "Hermione, shut up!" You hissed as you let go. "Who are you?" She asked while her eyes bolted looking for a way out. You quickly turned back into yourself. "______?!" She hissed. You nodded. "You're not supposed to be here!" She said. You transformed back into your unrecognizable self and said, "Neither is Harry, but he is!" Hermione suddenly turned stone cold. You became yourself again as she whispered, "Did you tell him?" You nodded and broke down. You sank to the snow covered ground and sobbed, "Hermione, he HATES me!! He's had an edgy tone towards me all day and when he isn't being super sarcastic he doesn't even talk to me unless it's against his will!"
  8. Thanks! Hope you liked the quiz! Comment, rate, take my other quizzes, AND TAKE MY MOST RECENT POLL!!!!!!! The usual assortment of things in the comments; what did you like, what did you hate, what can I do better, any twists for me? Thanks, later!
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