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Hey! Who's your Hogwarts hottie? Which Hogwarts boy stole your heart? Take this quiz to find out! FYI: I'm leaving this in first person because it's easier. REMEBER: THE FRENCH IN MY SPEAKING, THE ACCENT, IS VERY APPARENT!

Recap: I'm a Slytherin. I begged to be a Slytherin because my relatives would hate me if I'd landed anywhere else. I got on a few people's bad side and made a couple new friends! Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. I woke up the next morning to the call of sunshine instead of the call of Parkinson. I slowly opened my eyes and stretched. I yawned loudly and noticed what was around me. I was in a room clad in red and gold. I looked to my left and saw a sleeping Harry by my side. 'Why'm I in here?' I thought to myself. 'Oh! Harry and I had an all-nighter!' I realized as I carefully removed Harry's left arm from around my shoulders. I stood up and stretched as a yawn escaped my lips. "Oh, you're up," Harry stirred. "Just woke up. Gryffindor Tower is much less bleak than the Slytheirn Dungeons," I explained as I walked to the window. "I know," Harry answered and walked over to me. "How?" "Last year I snuck into the Slytherin Common room," he explained as he followed my longing gaze to the forbidden forest. I smiled as I heard a faint howl in the distance. "Harry?" I asked. "Yeah, _{first name}_?" He responded. "I can trust you, right?" I asked and turned to gaze into his forest green eyes. "Anything," he told me. "Then follow me," I smiled maliciously and walked from the Gryffindor common room. He rolled his forest green eyes and followed me.
  2. I led him into the dark forest. I stopped in the heart of the forest and looked at the boy that was following me. "Okay, why'd you drag me here?" He asked. "I didn't 'drag' you! I wanted to show you something," I told him. "Show me," he gestured. I took a deep breath and became a black puma with a crescent tattoo on its shoulder. "Wow! How'd you do that?" He breathed. "A trick for sneaking 'round Beauxbatons! I'm an animagus! Only took me a year to learn how. I'm sort of a criminal because I haven't told the ministry about it," I said the last part in an awkward tone as I became human again. Harry nodded. "This is the other thing I wanted to show you," I said as I turned my hair from _{your color}_ to neon orange streaked with black and purple spots. "What can't you do?!" Harry said impressed. I changed back to my original appearance and told him that he couldn't tell anyone. He said he wouldn't. I nodded and told him to follow me again. I turned back into my animagus and led him to the edge of the forest. Before the trees thinned out I became human once more. Harry and I walked to breakfast together.
  3. "So, who else knows?" He asked me as we walked across the grounds. "Just you, Ron, and Hermione," I said in a casual tone. Harry nodded and continued to walk by my side. I sighed and glanced toward the Quidditch pitch. 'Oh, what I wouldn't give to be a keeper,' I thought. "You wanna play Quidditch?" Harry asked as he followed my longing gaze. "Yeah, I always have. Beauxbatons didn't have any sports I'm afraid. Other than the occasional obstacle course," I answered. "I heard that the Slytherin team is having tryouts this weekend," Harry told me. I smiled and nodded. "What Slytherin would tell you that?" I asked with a playful shove. "None. I heard Malfoy telling his cronies about it. Was saying that they needed a keeper, a chaser, and a beater I think," he responded. I smiled from ear to ear as we continued our walk. "Why does it take forever to walk back to the castle, but only took a few minutes to get away from it?" I wondered aloud. "Probably because you were running when you 'got away from it'," Harry suggested. I shoved him again and we continued our walk to breakfast. We made little conversation on the way.
  4. Once we reached the house tables I heard a yelp from the Entrance Hall. I left the Slytherin table to check it out with my wand gripped tight. I saw Draco, Parkinson, Crabbe, and Goyle bullying a third year. He had black hair and blue eyes. I stood in front of him just as Draco was about to cast the leg locking curse. "Shove off , Draco ! Je pensais que vous étiez mieux que cela! Je me attends í  autant de Parkinson , mais vraiment ? Rassembler votre clique pour faire la journée d'un pauvre garí§on terrible? Honteux et pathétique !" I shouted at him in French. (Shove off, Draco! I thought you were better than this! I expect as much from Parkinson, but really? Gathering your clique to make a poor boy's day terrible? Disgraceful and pathetic!) Draco didn't do anything at first, but"”after some pleading looks from me"”lowered his wand. "Got yourself a girlfriend, Longbottom?" Draco sneered. The boy just shook his head and gave me a look that said 'help me out here!' I did. "No, I'm not his girlfriend! But every if I was, he seems a LOT nicer than you!" I told Draco. I turned to the third year behind me. "íŠtes-vous d'accord ?" I asked him and helped him to his feet. "What?" He asked. "Are you okay?" I repeated in English. He nodded. "Who are you?" I asked, my French drawl rather apparent. "Neville Longbottom, Gryffindor. You?" He answered. "______ _______, Slytherin," I answered. Neville nodded, little did I know of the mental battle in his mind. "Thanks for the help, ______," he told me quietly. "Anytime," I answered with a bit too apparent French drawl. "If you ever need help again, just give me a call," I told him as I undid the curses and jinxes that had been cast upon him. He nodded and walked to the Gryffindor table. I waved at my new friend, or at least I think we're friends, and walked toward the Slytherin table. Once again, I walked smack-dab into someone. "Désolé !" I told the boy that I'd ran into. He had a dumbfounded look on his face. "Sorry!" I repeated in the common tongue. "Oh! It's fine. I'm Oliver Wood. Gryffindor Quidditch captain, and seventh year. Who are you?" He responded. "_____ ______. Slytherin chaser wannabe, and third year," I answered. "A Slytherin? I find THAT hard to believe," he scoffed. 'Again with the houses?! Really?!' I thought as I turned my sarcasm up. "Why is that? Is it because I forgot to call you an incompetent blood-traitor?" "Well, yeah. Plus you actually apologized," Oliver told me. "Whatever," I said and walked around him. "Sorry! I-I didn't mean to offend!" Oliver told me hurriedly. "It's fine! Really," I told him and walked away. "See ya 'round?" He called. "Why not?" I sat down. Oliver smiled and walked back to the Gryffindor table.
  5. "Hey! Look everyone, it's the new classified mudblood!" Parkinson sneered immediately after I sat down. "Where's the mirror?" I asked with a snarky attitude. "I'm looking at you," she explained while tossing her black hair over her shoulder and rolled her brown eyes. "If being a so-called mudblood means I'm not a b***** I'm glad to be one," I said as I shot her and her entourage an accusing look. "Sure you are!" Parkinson said and drew her wand. "If you say one spell, I swear that I'll allow every one here to see thestrals," I told her coyly. "What kind of insult is that?!" She scoffed. "It isn't one. It's a death threat," I told her maliciously. "Let's see if _{last name}_ is all bark no bite!" She said and took my wand from my hands using 'Expelliarmus'. "It's on," I whispered as I took my hawthorn, Phoenix feather wand from the floor. My anger blinded me. I had no clue what I was doing or how, but I did. I uttered spells that I'd never heard of and caused terrible things to happen! I made Parkinson dangle by her foot in the air as every glass object in the room shattered! My eyes went red and I spoke in a voice that was not my own. It was a voice layered with tones of kindness and hatred! "Still think I'm all bark and no bite?" I said in my now-demonic voice. "I'd catch her if I were you," I advised as I flicked my wand. Parkinson went plummeting thirty feet and it seemed as though no one was going to catch her. I had to. "Aresto momentum," I pointed my wand at her. She stopped an inch from the ground and fell once more. I fainted as soon as Parkinson stood up.
  6. I woke up the next day to find myself in the hospital wing. I looked to the edge of my bed and saw Hermione and Ron arguing with Snape while Dumbledore smiled at the two Gryffindors. "Professor! Something happened! I've known ______ for years and she would never do that on her own!" Hermione whined. "Really, Miss Granger? In her first three days she has gotten into a fist fight"”" Snape started. Ron cut in, "Because Parkinson hit her first!" "She has nearly spilled a potion on herself, under minded my judgment," Snape said again. Hermione cut him off this time, "Because your 'judgment' was WRONG! You gave ________ detention because she defended herself and made her loose half of her privileges because she helped her friends out! As a teacher aren't you supposed to make a learning environment instead of one that makes people want to run headlong into the whomping willow?!" I laughed at this. "Thanks guys! Although, can I bet that I'm in trouble for what happened yesterday? And if possible, could I sort this out with Professor Dumbledore"”the fairest?" I said. Dumbledore ushered the other three from the hospital wing and sat beside my bed. "Now, _{first name}_, what happened?" He asked. "Professor, I honestly don't know! Parkinson was about to cast a spell at me, I gave her a death threat"”which I regret"”and then she took my wand. Next thing I know, every thing is black except for a dangling Parkinson thirty feet up! My voice was extremely demonic and I cast spells that I'd never even heard of!" I answered. "I believe you _{first}_," Dumbledore told me. I sighed with relief and laid back in the bed. "Do you have any clue as to why it happened?" I asked the bearded headmaster. "I have a guess," he told me with a twinkle in his eyes. I sat bolt upright and looked at the man with an intent look in my eyes. "Well, you see _{first}_, your dad was with the death eaters," Dumbledore started. "Then why did Voldemort kill him?" I asked. "He killed him because they didn't do exactly as he said! Voldemort had given him orders, details I do not know, and your father did not follow them. The causes of his death, I believe, should not be known to you until at least next year," Dumbledore explained. I nodded and he went on, "Well, your father were rather gifted in the ways of the imperius curse. If I am not mistaken your father's soul"”having unfinished business"”has latched itself to you. Basically meaning that, whenever he gets angry enough, he can cast the imperius curse on you and force you to do things that he would without your knowledge," he explained. "Let me get this straight. I went all demented on Parkinson because a spirit"”locked in my head"”AKA my deceased death eater father imperiused me because he was angry with Parkinson. And when my voice layered it was a combination of my dad's voice and my voice?" I summarized. "To put it simply, yes," Dumbledore answered. "So is that why I get angry so easily?" I asked. "Yes. The rest of your questions, time will answer," Dumbledore told me. I nodded and thanked the ancient headmaster. He nodded and left the hospital wing and me, to my thoughts. "Oh! _____ only tell those of which you would trust with your life this information," Dumbledore called to me. I nodded as I thought of the only three that would know: Ron, Hermione, and Harry. I left a few moments after he did and walked directly to potions.
  7. "Miss _{last}_, you're late, detention," Snape told me as I sat down next to Hermione. "I was with Dumbledore, sir. However, I will take my detention," I said sincerely. "Five points for your obedience today. And, being with Dumbledore, no detention," Snape praised me. I nodded and looked down at my book, Hermione had opened it for me to the correct page. "Why no fight?" Asked an impressed Hermione. "I've to tell you something after class," I whispered. Hermione nodded as I continued to work. We were making a Girding potion today (gives drinker extra strength and endurance). I cut up the fairy wings and spread them evenly into my pewter cauldron. After it bubbled and spewed green water, which it was supposed to do, I cut up my billywig stings. After I'd added all of my ingredients my potion was a pale pink. I felt a calm wash over my body and that's when I realized what the imperius curse felt like! "_____, your eyes. They're red," Ron told me. I flexed my fingers and it felt as though my hands had been immersed in molasses. I got feeling back into my fingers and then my arm. I reached up to my head slowly and decided to yank on my hair. Everything went back to normal as the feeling of calm washed away. I lit the fire under my cauldron and brought it to a slow boil. My potion slowly turned a moss green as I brought the heat to zero. I bottled my potion, capped it, and wrote my name on the vile. I stood up and took my potion to Snape. "Professor, I just want to apologize for my past cheeks," I said as I placed the vile in the 'To be graded' bucket. He nodded slightly. I walked back to my seat and slowly sat down. "Why so inexpressive today?" Harry asked me. "Trying to keep my anger in check: I'll tell you later. A little tip: if my eyes go red or I don't seem like myself, pull my hair will you?" I answered. Harry nodded with a confused look on his face. The rest of class flew by in a flash and before I could tell what had happened I was walking toward Care of Magical Creatures.
  8. Hermione pulled me to the side and asked what it was that I'd needed. I gestured for the other members of the Golden Trio to come over. They obliged. "Okay, as you can tell, I haven't been acting myself today. *others nod* BUT, I was talking to Dumbledore and I found out why I flipped out yesterday. My father was a death eater"”" I started but was cut off. "Your father was a death eater?!" Ron was red in the face and angry. I nodded and he ran off. "I'll put that in my 'to deal with later' box. Well, when Voldemort killed him his soul got sucked inside of me. Now, whenever he gets angry enough, they put me under the imperius curse and they make me do stuff like that," I explained. "So let me get this straight. Your dead father is casting unforgivable curses at you because he's angry?!" Harry said in exasperation. "I didn't believe it either, but I believe Dumbledore," I answered with a sigh. Hermione nodded. "Now, what in the name of Merlin is up with Ron?" I asked. "I think he has a thing against relatives of death eaters," Harry told me. "Wow! I've known Ron for years and I've only just met you and you already know I don't like it!" I whined. "Yeah, he can be a bit of a git sometimes," Hermione explained and glared at Ron. I nodded, "I just wish I knew why he killed him. Dumbledore said it was because he didn't do something, I need to know what it was along with what Voldemort did to him!" I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth as we continued walking to Care of Magical Creatures.
  9. Hey guys! I'm gonna stop there! What'd ya think? Comment/rate/POLLS/quizzes! If you do not take my polls you will have no control, other than comments, as far as the story line goes!!!!

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