Leveling Up Quiz! :3

This is just a plain old common level-up quiz! Thank you so much, if you do take it! Don't forget to comment and rate for other quizzes! Once again, thank you so much!

Hewo! I'm Eclipsestar, leader of Moonclan! My clan has over 20 people in it! Medicine cat, deputy, warriors, apprentices, kits, queens, and more! Anyways, have fun on my quiz, if that's possible!

Created by: Eclipsestar228

  1. I feel so selfish making this quiz. T^T
  2. Would you rather; Get eaten by a chimpanzee or a tiger?
  3. Spot my lie!
  4. Hmm... *Thinking...*
  5. What's your favorite color?
  6. Did you know I'm leader of a clan online?
  7. *Humming*
  8. Will you comment, rate, or both?
  9. Guess what?
  10. WE'RE FREE!!!!!

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