Level Up Quiz - Please Take!

THANKS SO MUCH FOR TAKING MY QUIZ! Please rate a 5-star and leave comments! Even if the comment says "Hi" that's cool :I Please tell your friends about my quiz!

So find out if you are a ____! You don't know what this quiz is about until you reach the end! So please take! And please please rate a 5-star. I will do the same for a quiz of yours, just leave it's name in comments.

Created by: UnLoving

  1. So thanks for taking my quiz
  2. If you pick the right answers you may even get a good score on this :D
  3. But you have to find out which ones are the right answers...
  4. There is actually a correct answer to this XD
  5. Are you licking random?
  6. Are you picking random?
  7. What are you?
  8. Pick an emotion
  9. Did you pick ":)"?
  10. If you did, that's smiley abuse!
  11. Everyday, millions of smilies are born without noses. YOU can help stop smiley abuse, one hyphen at a time!

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