Level up quiz 2

I am leveling up fast, but as I am making this quiz, I am still a novice. Please take it and help me become a junior. Also, thank you to Slithers4ever and Stardust1 for taking and commenting on my first level up quiz.

How this works is it is different than the last quiz. Instead of the answer always being the bottom one, it's the middle one. I say this because I need to give the people who actually READ THE INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPHS a little bit of an advantage.

Created by: Vampirina
  1. Read the introduction paragraphs.
  2. I REALLY want to be a junior, so as boring as this quiz may be, I am SUPER glad you are taking it.
  3. Everybody who takes this quiz and/or the first one will get a special shoutout on my next shoutout quiz!
  4. $$$
  5. %%%
  6. ;;;
  7. ~~~
  8. &&&
  9. Thank you so much for taking this quiz!
  10. Remember to rate this high and comment!

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