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Holla! I felt like making a would you rather quiz, so here you go. Enjoy! :D (Yes, I'm procrastinating on When Worlds Collide.) Who knows, maybe I'll just quit. Idk.

You might be wondering, "why the picture of Anthony?" Well, because he's sexy, ok? I gave you a little eye candy. He's mine though. Looky, but no touchy!

Created by: Firey_Soul
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  1. Would you rather date someone with an AMAZING personality and good looks or someone with a good personality and AMAZING looks?
  2. Would you rather get barfed on a little bit or have someone dump a huge handful of rock hard freezing snow down your shirt and pants?
  3. Would you rather get in a little trouble every day or get in major trouble once a year?
  4. Would you rather be murdered or commit suicide?
  5. Would you rather date someone with an ugly face but a really hot body or someone with a beautiful face but not the best body?
  6. Would you rather never eat ice cream again or never listen to music again?
  7. Would you rather have the most beautiful blue eyes ever or have the cutest brown eyes ever?
  8. Would you rather always wear a jacket or never wear a jacket?
  9. Would you rather cry whenever you should laugh or laugh whenever you should cry?
  10. Would you rather have an overly attatched bf/gf who stalks you or be single for the rest of your life?
  11. Would you rather tell your grandma your deepest, darkest secret or tell a total stranger?
  12. Would you rather be a girl with a full beard and mustache (and you can't shave it!) or be a boy with boobs. (No, not moobs. Boobs!)
  13. Would you rather kill your crush or your best friend?
  14. Would you rather have your entire family die besides the person in your family that you hate the most or lose all your friends at once and be friendless for the rest of your life?
  15. Would you rather die right now, or live to be 100 but be miserable?
  16. Would you rather live in a big, beautiful house that's haunted or live in a cozy cabin in the mountains but be kinda isolated and antisocial?
  17. Would you rather be a professional psychic or be able to move things with your mind?
  18. Would you rather wake up in a stranger's house or wake up on a raft in the middle of a lake?
  19. Would you rather eat what you think is chocolate cake, but later discover that it's poop or eat nothing but spinach and broccoli for a month?
  20. would you rather find the man/woman of your dreams, marry them but then they die suddenly 5 years later or have a new husband/wife every year?
  21. Would you rather have your computer stolen and the person poses as you on every single profile you have online or have your parents look through your phone and see the x-rated texts from your bf/gf as well as some weird pictures?
  22. Would you rather have the "Paranormal Love" boys be real or the "Don't Leave me Hanging" boys be real?
  23. Would you rather have smosh and I die or your favorite celebrity?

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