"Do you want to know your personality then take this quiz! It's fun,easy,and simple. Just play now!If you don't want to play this one it's okay because mine isn't the most fun!

Do you have a loyal,elegant, or even speedy personality. All you have to do now is play this quiz! This is a good quiz for all ages. And really fun one too!

Created by: Lori Vezina

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where would you rather go on your night off?
  2. What would you wear to a party?
  3. what's your most favorite school activity?
  4. Do you have any pets at home?
  5. If you have a pet does it like to play?
  6. Do you like animals?
  7. What is your favorite candy?
  8. What would you name a white kitten?
  9. What is your favorite color?
  10. What would you most likely want?

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