Let's All Pray for Aria!!!!

Aria, everybody's favorite gotoquiz-er, is in the HOSPITAL!!! NOOOO!!!! She, unfortunately, swallowed a pin. I really hope she gets better!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, thank you to @Amberosia for telling me that this horrible event had occurred. I can't believe this, I'm still in shock. Just please promise me that you will pray that she pulls through.

Created by: Calypso1315

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  1. Okay, so today, I was reading some comments on Percy Jackson Love Story part 10, when I saw a comment from @Ambrosia that got me really sad and worried. She said that one of the most sweet, gentle, caring, kind, blunt, amazing, creative people in the world is in the hospital because she swallowed a pin. Of course, I am speaking of Aria. I also read @natuhleegayle's quiz dedicated to Aria. (Read it after this if you haven't already!)
  2. Aria, if you ever read this, I would just like to say, that I hope you make a speedy recovery and you're back with us soon. I know I miss you terribly, as does nat gayle, and we hope you get better. You are simply to creative and nice, and sweet, and there is no one else that could possibly take your place. No one.
  3. Aria continuously amazes us with her heart-warming comments, wonderfully written quizzes and stories, and makes us smile every time she rants about Oliver Wood. She is so nice and caring, she is the imprint of the perfect, crazy best friend everybody secretly dreams of having. She makes quizzes to shout-out to writers she thinks need to be recognized and always makes us smile.
  4. She is constantly reminding us to keep eating green sour skittles and pickles and cucumbers (which is all I'm eating until they get better.) She also reminds us to "Just remember that you must live life to the fullest as tomorrow may never be." She is a mind-blowingly amazing person, and her being the hospital is proof that the worst things happen to the best people.
  5. Aria, I know their are a million things people can say about you, and none of them would be negative. But their are no words that come to mind that I can use to express how sorry I am that this happened to you.
  6. Also, as I scan though Aria's quizzes to find more to say, cause I'm tearing up over here and when I cry, my brain goes really fuzzy, I see a quiz dedicated to @Bluebird.
  7. It said that @Bluebird wasn't feeling to awesome at the moment because her boyfriend had broken up with her. Aria says, and I quote "Isn't he an insolent tolerag? Why did he dump her? I think personally that we should find his Address and beat him up. He's just so mean to break up with a wonderful girl like Bluebird. He should really see the beautiful girlfriend he had. It's his bad choice. He should seriously feel ashamed of himself. He isn't worthy of her." She seriously took time to make a quiz to make Bluebird feel better. Not saying there's anything wrong with that, what I'm saying is she is just too FREAKING SWEET!
  8. Aria, I'm sorry, my eyes are literally streaming with tears here, so I really have to wrap this up. Sorry! Okay, so my heart goes out to her friends and family, especially TheRecklessBam.
  9. I would also like to say, before this room I am sitting in get's flooded, that every quiz I make from now on until Aria is back with us is dedicated to her. Aria. And I will continue to pray, and I hope you will join me, for her recovery.
  10. Okay, I really gotta go. I'm sorry, Aria, I wish I could say more, but I really can't function any longer! I love you, and I hope you get better!

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