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  • I have a I have an Annabeth Chase look alike. She's one of my best friends. She's not AS SMART(no offense to her) but she is one of the smarter ones(like me) :)

    People say I'm a Hazel Levesque look alike but I don't really think so. I mean I have brown hair, tan skin but I have brown eyes and I don't think anybody has gold eyes except Hazel

  • OMG I have an Annabeth Chase little sister look alike at my school. She looks just like Annabeth Chase's little sis!!! ( if she had one)

    Beatle Obsessed
  • There's a guy at my school who looks like a mix of Percy Jackson and *some other guy I can't tell you about right now*

  • Beatle, she has a little step sister I think.

    Leo's the one with the curly hair right? Sn of Hephaestus?

  • are you aurora fry???????????if you are it is me,annelise!!!!!


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