Learn not to be a show off!

Now, there are lots of show offs out there. I will explain what they are somewhere in the quiz. They should learn not to be a show off and to be much nicer.

So, will YOU learn? Even if you are not a show off, you will learn something. Now, in just a few seconds or minutes, you can learn a new lesson! Have fun!

Created by: Elory Chihuahua

  1. Ok, this is a quiz trying to stop show offs.
  2. And are you a show off?
  3. Do you like show offs?
  4. You shouldn't be a show off. You think you won't get told off but you will sometime.
  5. And also, you will get very tired of it.
  6. If you are one at school, someone may tell on you and get you in trouble.
  7. If you don't know what a show off is, it's like a bossy/rich person you don't like.
  8. There is a show off at my school,she pretends she's polish and squints at me.
  9. Show offs get told off more than non- show offs.
  10. If you are annoyed by a show off, form a gang with a group of mates and strike back. Don't be show off-y though.
  11. Be nice to people, or they won't be nice to you!
  12. Comment and rate plz! I hope you learned a lesson today!

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