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  • Wow! It is a good quiz to test ourselves to see what types of leadership are we.

    stsen_05 Sep 19 '15, 9:14AM
  • Hi Tworek's class

    BILLBILLBILLBILL Sep 3 '15, 9:15AM
  • What a shame you all did not use the correct word for the head of school. That is a serious flaw, one that calls into question the credentials and competence of the individuals involved in creating the site.

    ornithologist Jul 19 '15, 8:06PM
  • Hello,
    I found the questions to be interesting. Gave a lot of insights to those of us who never weigh in the different perspectives of our personality.

    jharper Mar 20 '15, 12:48PM
  • I am visionary and weigh options before I make decision. Indeed, that is true of myself.

    Lexfi Jan 6 '15, 8:53PM
  • I agree..

    rosacanoga1030 Dec 5 '14, 6:12PM
  • I agree with the outcome of this quiz.

    dbwillis Oct 7 '14, 7:29PM
  • I think this quiz represents me correctly as a leader, I am definitely a visionary leader.

    katherinetarpeh Oct 6 '14, 7:29PM
  • I'd like to see an easy link to read the descriptions of the other styles after you get your own results...

    TCrunner288 Aug 25 '14, 2:05PM
  • this quiz sucked and was a total waste of my time

    guyguy Aug 20 '14, 11:05AM
  • Interesting quiz!

    KBruna Jul 23 '14, 10:05AM
  • Danny Brant is bunz

    butthole69 Jan 15 '14, 12:39PM
  • Best quiz ever.

    dannylover321 Oct 3 '13, 6:02PM
  • The headmaster of a school is also called a "principal", not a "principle".

    mtrainor Dec 4 '12, 10:36PM
  • The word you're looking for in question 4 is "principal". This observation probably reflects my test results well, which was "teacher".

    Ed20 Oct 23 '12, 10:18AM
  • poop

    5858558 Oct 16 '12, 11:39AM
  • This test was decent, hard to understand.. and found myself thinking "how would one find themselves into a job with a school board if they do not wish to be there?" Some of the questions where difficult to answer,not all people would enjoy a quiz like this, yet again not all people enjoy the same things.. I found my result to be spot on. Thanks again.

    Makk Sep 20 '12, 2:38PM
  • this is super nice

    Abbi Aug 6 '12, 12:54PM
  • Great quiz,

    I've been looking for a tool to help my son understand that a successful leader/manager needs to be capable of all or a combination of various leadership styles. Flexibility is required depending on the circumstances and people involved.

    Thank you,

    Peddler Feb 12 '12, 11:09AM
  • mrs new is a boss

    wenis Jan 3 '12, 9:57AM
  • jake is cool

    wenis Jan 3 '12, 9:56AM
  • i think this quiz is going to understand myself better

    lm ias Nov 10 '10, 3:10PM

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