Last night in the ANYTHING Place was fun!!

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Hello! Do you remember those times when we were in the anything place? I HOPE YOU DO. Cause this- BRYCEN!???! YOU BROKE MY VASE!!!! (a minute later) quiz is all about it!

MY next quiz will be a shout-out quiz. imma spam now.oeudhoweodowhedwehudwdowdhehwdwdwoohduwoduwuodkendnwnedlnwelnwlndwnjdnjldjlwnjdenwjldnndnlwjnjjnlw

Created by: Tremendus
  1. Hello!
  2. If you knew the forum I made, did you like it?
  3. What did we do first?
  4. Next question, What did we eat?(all are correct and there is no effect)WHY DO I KEEP DOING RHYMING WORDS EVEN IF I DID NOT THINK ABOUT THE- Y' know what just carry on...I have to do something...
  5. (a quarter of an hour later...)
  6. I'm back I just had to go out to the doctor to stop thinking about the *I can't say it*
  7. What movie did we watch?
  8. I'm out of questions and I need 10
  9. Ok... if you insist...
  10. Just kidding! We have 10 questions already!! Look on the side.
  11. imma spam now.
  12. dehdoyyweodoedyowyoe
  14. ushwgisiwisiwqigy
  15. OK! BYE!

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