How well do you know Oak Ridge?

If you are one of the select few who are able to read Oak Ridge, do you think you know it well? Here's your chance to find out if you really took in anything you've read in the many parts of Oak Ridge I have out. Are you ready for the challenge?

Are YOU an Oak Ridge genius? Can you remember how many times Brad and Jesse broke up? Can you remember names, events, and deaths in Oak Ridge? Take this quiz and find out.

Created by: Rebecca
  1. How did Dylan Sanchez die? [Part I]
  2. What shape is Jesse's necklace? [Part I]
  3. What disease is Brad accused of having? [Part V]
  4. Where did Jesse run off to after Brad hit her [Part VI]
  5. Who kidnapped Jesse first? [Part VIII]
  6. How did Brad 'die'? [Part IX]
  7. Who comforted Jesse the most after Brad 'died'? [Part IX]
  8. What did Jesse call Brad after she found him with memory loss? [part IX]
  9. Which new horse at Remembrance was the lead mare? [part X]
  10. What did Alec Bennets reveal in Part X?
  11. Who got sick in Part XI?
  12. What is Cheyenne Hart's (Shea) favorite hobby? [Part XII]
  13. What did Dimitri force Jesse to do? [Part XIII]
  14. How did Jesse and Shea manage to escape Dimitri? [Part XIII]
  15. What did Dimitri send Jesse to test her sanity? [Part XIV]
  16. When did Jesse break? [Part XIV]
  17. Who killed Dimitri in the end? [Part XIV]

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Oak Ridge?