What Raya and the Last Dragon tribe are you from.

Here you will be sorted into one of these tribes which once was Kumandra 500 years ago. They are all named after parts of the dragon, Tail, Talon, Heart, Spine, and Fang.

Which tribe are you from? This quiz will not make much sense unless you have watched Raya and the Last Dragon. I hope you enjoy this quiz. If you did not that is fine.

Created by: Llamalover400
  1. What color of clothing would you prefer to wear.
  2. What would be your protection from the Druun
  3. What would be your weapon.
  4. Who would you have on your side
  5. What accessory would you wear
  6. What would you do if the drune came to your door.
  7. What would you do if your family turned to stone
  8. What ingredient would you have in stew
  9. Would you be a Guardian of the Dragon Gem
  10. Which dragon would you be

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Quiz topic: What Raya and the Last Dragon tribe am I from.