l-l-love story 5

Ok well you are sixteen and you have moved from New York, America. You have to go to school the day after you move. You meet 3 great guys there called Cooper, Manny and Kendall.

Cooper-Floppy brown hair, little athletic so he has a 4 pack Manny-Short Blonde Bieber Haircut, athletic has a 6 pack Kendall-Floppy Black hair with a green streak, not athletic at all

Created by: tabsta1

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  2. Your mum comes to the door then and says "So who is this?" "Oh mum, This is Manny. Manny this is my mum." you say embarrassed. "I wanted to ask if I could take ________ out to watch a movie?" Manny says blushing himself. "Well its fine with me" says Mum and pushes you out the door.
  3. Manny opens the car door for you and its a red Ferrari. You get in and he runs round the other side. You sit there swivelling the rose round in your hand. Manny looks over at you and smiles."So what Movie are we seeing?" you ask. "Flower's and Chocolates" he says. "OMG...isn't that the sequel to 'Tears in my handbag'?" you say excited. "I think so????" says Manny confused. "I love that movie, I cant wait to see the movie" You say smiling.
  4. You see Kendall outside the cinema texting. You open your car door and run to him. He looks up and smiles. "Hi" you say. "Hey he says. "What are you doing?" you say. "Hiding from my parents"he says scared looking around. Manny runs up then and nods at Kendall. "C'mon ______. We don't want to miss the movie." he says pulling you away. "You guys have fun"Kendall nods but his face falls. "Kendall, do you want to come with us?" you ask. "Sure" he says.
  5. You and Kendall get the tickets while Manny gets the food. When you guys all join up again, Manny pops a piece of popcorn into your mouth. So you put one in Manny's and one in Kendall's. You guys take your seats, you sitting in the middle but as you sit down. You see Manny's arm flick across to Kendall quickly and then he sits down. Kendall sits on the other side, face flushed, he fake smiles but you can see he's in pain.
  6. You watch the movie with Manny and Kendall. Kendall puts his arm round you but Manny pushes his arm off you. He puts his arm round you instead...you feel weird as these boys are fighting over you. You end up holding Kendall's hand but you have Manny's arm round you.
  7. As you leave the cinema with the boys either side of you. You see Cooper walking with another girl. Your hurt...but then he yells "NO! i won't kiss you, Kellly! I only want _____!" your shocked. He see's you then with Manny and Kendall and walks over. "What was that about?" Manny asks. "Kelly...she thinks she can have any guy she wants just cuz she's popular" Cooper replies looking at the floor and shoving his hands into his pockets. You put your hand on his shoulder and say "I'm sure it will blow over". "You don't know Kell, _______" says Kendall biting his lip. "I feel sorry for you" Manny says but grabs you by the hand and pulls you to the car. "See you Guys!" you yell. "SEE YA!" they both yell, smiling.
  8. Manny looks at you annoyed. "Are you ok?" you ask. "Why did you invite the dweeb?" Manny grunts. "Kendall isn't a dweeb, he's really sweet" you say. You can't believe Manny could stoop so low. You stop talking to him for the rest of the car ride. You walk right out of the car without saying goodbye and run into the house.
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