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  • wohooo FINNISH!

    finnishgirl Apr 29 '15, 7:26AM
  • no this isnt some crazy language that no one understands. this is finnish

    finnishgirl Apr 29 '15, 7:25AM
  • It's finnish. :D I didn't find finnish test making sites, so I made it here. But would you like to have the same test in English? I'm surprised that you guys are interested, that's really nice!

    testin tekija May 10 '10, 6:54AM
  • @Kaena idk noooo clue ndd @ CaLiFoRnIa ur not crazy the person who made this quiz is crazzzy lol

    quizgirl101 May 9 '10, 3:14PM
  • bunnies rule

    bunniesrule May 9 '10, 2:06PM
  • WTF.Is it that im crazy or this is in some crazy language that maybe no one understands?I need to sleep more x}

    CaLiFoRnIa May 9 '10, 2:41AM
  • quick question...what the hell language is that??????????

    Kaena May 7 '10, 8:49PM

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