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Created by: Chopra Cabalse of Komodo Dragon
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  1. The Komodos Islands are part of:
  2. What family does the Komodo Dragon belong to?
  3. Komodo Dragon will weigh up to 200 pounds and will reach a length of?
  4. Komodos are known for their:
  5. What makes up the main part of the Komodos diet?
  6. Komodos are known cannibals. What will young Komodos do to avoid being eaten by larger dragons
  7. Victims of the Komodo Dragon often die from:
  8. What is the hunting technique most often used by the Komodo Dragon?
  9. Komodos have been can to consume up to 80% of their body weight in a single meal. How long does this take
  10. The Komodo Dragon is:

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