Know Your Music Stats?

Do you think that you know your Music Business Stats? Have five minutes to test yourself and your skills? Well, if you do, then take a few minutes to try this 21 question quiz. Only takes about five minutes!

If you get ALL of the answers right, then you will be entered in a monthly drawing to win either a Gas Card, an online gift certificate, or an iTunes gift card (to be determined at the discretion of ECS). Even if you do not answer all of the answers correctly, just for completing the quiz, you will be entered into a bi-yearly drawing for a Gas Card or an iTunes online gift certificate.

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  1. How many awards did the artist Mary J. Blige take home from the Billboard Music Awards 2006 in Las Vegas, NV?
  2. According to iTunes, what are the Top 2 downloaded Albums?
  3. What category of internet sites receives (on average) a global daily peak of over half a million visitors per minute?
  4. At the 2006 Grammy Awards, who won for Best Rock Album?
  5. Who performs the song "B.Y.O.B." (Bring Your Own Bombs)
  6. True or False: There is a Polka Music Award given at the Grammys.
  7. How many CD's do you own?
  8. Who performs the song: "Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"?
  9. How many MP3s would you say that you have downloaded during 2006?
  10. Of the MP3's that you downloaded, how many did you actually purchase? (Be honest, we're trying to get an idea of how the buyer receives the product).
  11. Is the Top-10-Downloaded group "Dashboard Confessional" signed to:
  12. What songwriting team wrote the online Indie hit: "Chemical Imbalance"?
  13. According to Pollstar Magazine, which band has sold 800,000 tickets since January 1, 2006 (the sixth highest amount by any artist in the entire world)?
  14. True or False: "The Killers" have performed on Saturday Night Live.
  15. What genre of music does the musician "Akon" fall into?
  16. What is the name of the singer for the group "My Morning Jacket"?
  17. True or False. Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" was the fifth best-selling album of all time.
  18. What is the name of the current Faith Hill album?
  19. True or False. "The Flaming Lips" were nominated for a Grammy in 2006.

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