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  • I was disappointed with my score - 76 -, but hoped to challenge some of the answers. More disappointed to discover that the correct answers are nowhere to be found! I have discussed this with others who have taken the test, and they feel the same. It would be nice for whoever created the test to post the answers and made this a learning tool. March 16

  • You weren't kidding about the quiz being geared toward ELCA/AALC members! From my crummy score of 45 you wouldn't know I was an ELCA seminarian! I DO know my Lutheran hymnals--TLH, LBW, LW, and LSB (I've been a member of LCMS congregations all my life). It was fun, but I'll never know the correct answers for the ones I missed...I assume the ones I got right were LCMS or LBW questions.

  • Any chance you can post the answers? (or email them to people who have already completed the quiz). Inquiring minds want to know! I promise not to retake the quiz and skew the results. :-)

  • Is there a reason you will not post answers?

  • Please post answers!!!!


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