Know the Empty Pockets

Can you measure your love for the Empty Pockets with a ruler and some scotch tape? We didn't think so. That's why we have taken the time and painstakingly organized a quiz to end all online quizzes. And who knows? Maybe you love Josh, Erika, Danny and Nate even more than you think

How much joy do you have in your heart for things that are good and true? Do you like butterflies and happy thoughts? Are you capable of loving fully and truly? Until our recent break through in quiz technology you could only wonder. But in just a short while you will unlock the secrets to the cosmos and grasp the holy grail of knowledge and wisdom.

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  1. If Josh were a kitchen utensil, he would be a
  2. Who is most likely to know what ROFLMTO means?
  3. The best frozen dinner is
  4. If Dan were a sandwich, he would be
  5. What movie would Erika star in?
  6. Nate's favorite playground piece is
  7. What makes the best pet?
  8. Who would make the best WWE Wrestler?
  9. If Josh were in a vending machine, he would be:
  10. If Nate were a Kung Fu master, he would specialize in
  11. The most difficult vice for Dan to give-up would be
  12. Who is most likely to sneeze milk from laughing
  13. Josh's favorite amusement park ride is
  14. Who is most likely to get a mail-order bride
  15. Who is most likely to look up how much a mail-order bride costs
  16. Erika is most likely to believe in the existence of
  17. If Josh were a song, what song would he be
  18. What is the best classic NES game

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