Know the APA Quiz

Welcome to my "Know the APA" quiz! The following questions are just a fun way to test your knowledge of the APA Pool League and the Monroe County chapter of the APA. Good Luck and Good Shooting!

Most answers can be found online while you're taking the quiz. Just open a separate browser window and go to these websites to find answers:,, and

Created by: John Pelton
  1. How many people play league pool in the APA every week?
  2. How many teams play in APA Pool League nationwide?
  3. Where are the National Team Championships held for the APA every year?
  4. What will the APA Pool League of Monroe County give you for signing up a team and playing pool?
  5. How many pool tables are shown in the video of the 2006 National Team Championships on the myspace page for the Monroe APA (
  6. What game formats can you play in the APA?
  7. Why does the APA have a handicapping system?
  8. By what names has the APA been known in the past?
  9. How many league teams played in the 2007 APA National Team Championships (counting all 8 Ball and 9 Ball teams)?
  10. How can I sign up a team to play in the APA?
  11. What will other leagues give you for signing up a team?
  12. Where can I play?
  13. What does it cost to join and play?

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