Kinda in Love part 1

Okay. I'm Alex. My email is [no emails] in case anyone wants it. Oh, and be sure to spell *s-q-u-i-g-a-n-a* right. It's my word!!!!!=DSo this quiz is fiction. The dudes here are NOT from my real life. I just gort bored one day and I well, made this quiz! enjoy it! Oh, and comment... that's the only thing that'll make me wriet more. I need enough comments to be certain people actually LIKE my quizzes! Oh, and sorry for all the typos... I may be excellent at spelling, but my typing is AWFUL!!!!

Well, Who will you love,? Justin-The quiet, secretive boy? Casey-The outgoing "Jock-of-all-trades"? Andrew-The sarcastic, bad boy? Or Trevor-The goofy, sweet kid? Only YOU can decide!!! well, I guess i can too... But that's not the point!!!!

Created by: Alex_W

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  1. You get home from a hard day at college. Then you walk into the kitchen and get yourself a nice bowl of soup with the little mini saltine crackers. You stride into your room to get your textbook out of your bag to study. laying on your bed with soup and book in hand, you hear a slight tapping on your window.
  2. Now you hear voices. they are whispering so you can't catch them all but you do hear a faint, "then bust the window!" "I don't wanna bust the window, that'll scare her half to death!" "Ginve me that then!" "NO!" Now you get a baseball bat form the corner you walk toward the window slowly... and CRASH!!! you are sent flailing to the ground asn glass cuts into your arms and legs from the shattered window. The last thing you see is a boy clambering through the window muttering "Now you've done it..." Your last thoughts are...
  3. You wake up what seems an eternity later. There are four boys huddled around you. You try to move but you cry out "SHIZZ MUFFINS!!!!" and lay back down, convulsing from the pain of your injuries. "Ummmm..." says one of them and looks uncertainbly at the other boys. Who catches your Eye?
  4. "ummm... hi? I'm Trevor... this is Casey, Andrew, and Justin," Trevor says. He smiles in a croooked sort of way. It's kinda cute. But then Andrew kinda hustles his way from the back of the crowd to the front and says, "how do ya feel?" You answer...
  5. "well, You seem to be feeling better! Oh, adn Casey broke your window," Andrew gives you a wide smile and casey takes one step back and grins nervously. After glaring at Casey for a second, you turn back to the other guys and say, "Now, remind me WHY you kidnapped me!" They just mumble exuces and shuffle their feet. You think...
  6. "We have your cat!" Justin plops Ebony, your Jet black tom, on your lap. "well, ummm... thanks?" "Are you hungry?" Justin has his head tilited to one side, his eyes searching. Suprised by the suddenness of the question, you say yes and follow him down the long corridor, thinking...
  7. You follow Justin down the long corridor, trailing about 10 feet behind him. Suddenly, one of the larger paintings swings forward soundlessly on hidden hinges and out pops Andrew's head form behind it. He beckons you forward and you wakl over. He motions for oyou to come inside the room behind the painting you say/do...
  8. Okay, We stop here. Me loves cliffhangers!!!!! How bout you???? *hehehehehe*
  9. Now for the question you all knew was coming!!!!!! Do you love vegemite sandwiches???? KIDDING!!!!!! Who do you love????
  10. Okay, last question. How was this quiz? It's may first time making a quiz sooo, what do you think? Should I continue? Also comment on it so I can see!

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