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Science which is an important and interesting subject/topic to study. Science is one the favorite subject of all. I have got an interesting quiz to learn science.

Are you a science master? Do you have good amount of scientific knowledge? Just wondering na. Now just in few minutes all your doubts will be cleared.

Created by: Amish

  1. Coir is obtained from ..........
  2. Which of the following gases dissolve in water?
  3. .......... is made up of a single cell.
  4. Desert plants have ........ roots.
  5. What is NACL ? ( A chemical formula)
  6. Which is the longest bone in our body?
  7. A flood can lead to ..........
  8. 78% of .......... is there in the air.
  9. Anaemia is caused due to lack of ........ in our body.
  10. ......... is attracted by a magnet.

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