KH quiz for the coolest people

There are many nerdy people, but few are nerdy enough for this. I mean true nerdom is hard to reach and some quiz most be out there. Well if you're a nerd for Kingdom Hearts one here is your quiz.

Just saying, you're probably not nerdy enough for this quiz. Just saying. Challenging you? You think so? beat my challenge i dare you! I Triple Dog Dare Ya'!!!

Created by: John

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  1. Who is the protagonist in the story?
  2. What weapon does Donald use?
  3. Who are Chip and Dale?
  4. What does Riku want to call the raft you make?
  5. Kairi is a _________ of Sora.
  6. What does Donald cast on Goofy when he catches him sleeping in the royal garden?
  7. What is Sora's last name?
  8. What spell must you cast to open the door to Merlin in the 3rd district of Traverse Town?
  9. What Disney world is concaled in a book?
  10. What type of land do Sora,Riku, and Kairi live on?
  11. The main enemies in the game are: (For KH 1)
  12. The Final Boss is: (KH 1)
  13. Sora's first boss in the game is: (KH 1)
  14. What is the symbol on Sora's Necklace?
  15. You need to find how many Dalmations?
  16. What's the name of the bug looking heartless that you first encounter, EVER!
  17. Jiminy is a
  18. Monstro the whale has a keyhole to lock. True of False?
  19. Do you ever hear Sora's Parents?
  20. Goofy
  21. The space ships are made out of:
  22. Riku
  23. You can go to the world Disney Castle. True of False? (KH 1)
  24. Dark Side is

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