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There are many actors/actresses out there in the world today. Keira Knightley is personally my favorite actress. She always does a very good job portraying her character and seems to be a lovely person

So how much do YOU know about her? Well take this quiz to find out! I personally don't believe that this is the hardest quiz about her but let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy =)

Created by: im_just_me

  1. So, for starters, when was Keira Knightley born?
  2. Where was Keira Knightley born?
  3. Keira's involvement in what movie was kept a secret for many years?
  4. What was Keira Knightley accused of, that was NOT true?
  5. Which movie was Knightley nominated for Academy Award Best Actress, in 2005
  6. What role did Keira play in the Television Appearance movie: Princess of Theives?
  7. What has Knightley recently been getting involved with?
  8. In which movie did Knightley play the role of a bounty hunter and the character from which the movie was named?
  9. In the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Keira co-stars with what 2 other actors?
  10. What role did Knightley play in the movie Love Actually?

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