Keeper of the Lost Cities Trivia

want a keeper of the lost cities quiz that is different then the others that is what this is. I love keeper of the lost cities and I hope you do to. :)

It is my first quiz so don't be to hard on me. don't take this quiz unless you have read keeper of the lost cities. also please rate this quiz. have fun.

Created by: Ky the awsomeone
  1. What dose the crest Amy has in Nightfall look like.
  2. In wich book is Sophie Forced to Heal Fintan
  3. How Manny wanderling trees belong to peple who are still alive.
  4. What Illusion was crated to protect the shelter of the baby allicorns.
  5. Has Sophie kissed anyone?
  6. Wich of these is not one of Sophie abilities?
  7. On the cover of Legacy what time is the clock pointing to.
  8. witch characters join the Neverseen?
  9. Do you like Keeper of the Lost Cities.
  10. which book dose Sophie take a sample of everblaze?
  11. what talent gives you the ability to walk through walls?
  12. wich of these people is a Empath?
  13. Where does Fitz live.
  14. Who is the auther of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series
  15. True or false: Biana can make herself and one other person invisible at any time.
  16. The T-rex a havenfield is…
  17. A Pyrokenetic controls
  18. did you like the quiz

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