Which Keeper of the Lost Cities character are you?

This is a quiz to find out which character from Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger you are. Have fun doing my quiz! I hope you like it!!!!!

The characters you can get are Sophie, Keefe, Fitz, Biana, Tam, Linh, or Dex. If you don't get who you want just retake the quiz! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: DellaBellaSmella

  1. Which ability sounds the best?
  2. Which best describes you?
  3. What is your biggest flaw?
  4. Iggy or Silveny?
  5. Which colour?
  6. What activity sounds the most fun?
  7. Pick an animal
  8. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
  9. Do you have any pets?
  10. Someone trips, what do you do?
  11. Who is your favourite side character?

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Quiz topic: Which Keeper of the Lost Cities character am I?