KCA Trivia Quiz 2007

Favorite song, favorite band, favorite T.V. show, favorite book, favorite cartoon, favorite movie......there were so many catagories to vote on at the 2007 Kids Choice Awards.

How much do YOU know about your fave '07 nominees? Would YOU win KCA Trivia Know-It-All? Take the KCA 2007 Trivia Quiz to find out!Rock out, KCA style in this quiz!

Created by: qwerty1

  1. Which song did Hanson perform at KCA 1998?
  2. Who was Justin Timberlake’s competition for Favorite Burp in 2006?
  3. Skateboarder extraordinaire Tony Hawk won which of the following titles in 2003?
  4. Who won the Wannabe Award in 2005?
  5. Who came down from the ceiling on a rope ladder at KCA 1998?
  6. Which actor swept the Favorite Movie Actor category in 1990 and Favorite TV Actor category in 1988?
  7. At KCA 1997, presenter Damon Wayans put on what article of clothing?
  8. In 1999, Favorite Movie Actress Drew Barrymore said which of the following statements when she won?
  9. Which duo was crowned Favorite Movie Couple in 2000?
  10. At KCA 1995, which song was voted blimp-worthy?

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