Norfolk Admirals 2007-2008 recap quiz

There are many smart people in the world of hockey, but few true geniuses. Are you a genious when it comes to Norfolk Admirals trivia? Do you know everything there is ever to know about this franchise? Are you just an observer looking to learn something? Whatever the case is, this quiz is for you!

Are YOU a Norfolk Admirals Swami? Do you have the brainpower to take down the prestigious title? I bet you don't! We will soon find out after you take this quiz!

Created by: Norfolk Admirals
  1. Which player lead the Admirals in goal with 23?
  2. Which player lead the Admirals in assits with 33?
  3. Which player scored their first professional goal on the last game of the year (4/12/08 at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton)
  4. In Dennis Bonvie's last professional game (4/12/08), who was the Admirals player he fought, which was ultimately the last fight of his career
  5. On January 5th, there was a trade that sent captain Dan Jancevski to the Iowa Stars (AHL) for Paul Szczechura and which other Admirals player?
  6. Which night was the largest home crowd (6,627) for the Admirals this season?
  7. The Admirals run a series of promotion at Scope. Which section was the host to such challenges as Baxters Baffler and Frozen T-Shirt contest?
  8. Jonathan Boutin is from which Canadian provence?
  9. Who was the Assistant Coach of the 2007-2008 Admirals?
  10. The Admirals finished this season with how many wins?

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