How Wilkes-Barre Are You?

Long dismissed as a home of cheap labor and good pizza, Wilkes-Barre is experiencing a Renaissance. Soon, we will be joined by newcomers not only from Scranton and Hazleton but from exotic spots as far away as Pottsville.

In order to identify the true Wilkes-Barre-ians in cyberspace, we offer this quiz. Take your time, study up, and choose your answers wisely. Should you not score well, pay closer attention to the people on da Square and up the Mall. Couple two tree years, you'll get it.

Created by: Michael

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  1. Where is the REAL Abe's Hot Dogs?
  2. During the summer, what day of the week is it hardest to park near the Square?
  3. Where do you get your tickets?
  4. Who was Agnes?
  5. Pick the answer with all correct church-ethnicity pairings
  6. The arena is the House That ______ Built.
  7. What's the best way to cook eggs?
  8. Which TV personality do you miss the most?
  9. Djeetyet?
  10. Neddoff's was the best place to get a(n):
  11. Which of these things is not like the others?
  12. Who do you spend most winter Saturdays with?
  13. Which of these situations is most outrageous?

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Quiz topic: How Wilkes-Barre am I?