justin bieber number one fan quiz

If your justin biebers number one fan this is the quiz for you take it to find out if it is true if you get a good score congrats you will make it in justin biebers life

you are only a genius if you now every thing you need to now about justin bieber this is the perfect quiz take it and you will see . I love you justin bieber.

Created by: thalia

  1. What is Justin's half-brother's name
  2. Which of the following stars has Justin not collaborated with?
  3. Which Canadian city is Justin from?
  4. Which singer also wanted to mentor Justin, although Usher ultimately won out?
  5. what is his fav color
  6. what did he say when he meet usher
  7. Who is always with Justin in the car when hes travaling?
  8. What famous celeb. helps Justin and gives him advice and is with him most of the time and is always there for him?
  9. In the music video one time does Justin Bieber ever kiss the girl.
  10. Justin Bieber's performences in Youtube was seen by who?

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