Just Guess If You Know Me !

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Youu are suuper cool in knowing people ! right ? I bet so and if not let us find out what is a mind-reader! A mind reader is someone who know people with his luck.

Are you a people knower?Do you have the mindreading power for knowing me ? Until know you can say:HOT STUPID but then end it and laugh it and rate it and at lat comment it :d

Created by: jimiellekhawand

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  1. In What Does My Name Starts ?
  2. In What does my family name starts ?
  3. In What school do I go in LEBANON ?
  4. Whats my age ?
  5. Whats My Favorite color ?
  6. What character I love ?
  7. How much do i get often on the report card ??
  8. What is my website ?
  9. Whats my hair color ?
  10. Was it fun ?

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